Even as we speak there is a nexus emerging in Pakistan that is aimed at destroying the pluralistic soul of India. NewsX has accessed a chilling picture that captures the conspiracy. This picture taken today brings together three pillars of rogue state Pakistan.
On the one side is ex-ISI boss Hamid Gul’s son and on the other is 26/11 butcher Hafiz Saeed. In between is the ideological fulcrum in the shape of the turbaned chief of Pakistan’s Haqqania seminary that counts amongst its worthy students such reprobates as ex-Taliban Chief Mullah Omar who specialised in the fine art of beheading innocents and the Haqqani brothers who are the Pak army’s favourite paid hitmen.
Taken together these delegates at a terror conclave in the heart of Pakistan’s capital are plotting Pakistan’s counter to India’s  surgical strike. Only difference is that the strategy involves exporting a hardline Islam to India through agents to convert liberal  Muslims into seeking the destruction of the Indian state and its liberal ethos. Realising that Kashmir is no longer an effective call to Jehad these conspirators are now using Islam to prepare cadre in India to establish a theocracy. In Kashmir the effects are already being felt.