The Prime Minister has made his first direct reference to the surgical strike against Pakistan during a rally in Himachal Pradesh. Speaking at a rally organised on what he called the “veerbhoomi of India” the PM drew an analogy between India’s surgical strike and those conducted by Israel.
Lauding the Indian Army the prime minister said that his government had done what only Israel does when attacked. The analogy is being seen as a clear message to Pakistan that India has incorporated the no-prisoners taken doctrine that has made Israel an uncompromising and feared force. Implicit in the PM’s statement is an unstated fact: that India’s army is resolved to carry out more pre-emptive counter terror operations if it feels threatened.
The Israel model is predicated upon reacting by punishing terror groups using a wide variety of measures ranging from cross border raids, to rendition and assassinations. By acknowledging that his government is influenced by Israel’s thinking the PM has also sent out a message to terrorists that they aren’t safe anymore in the havens they have thus far
flourished in.
Tonight we will ask a variety of experts if the Israel model can bring Pakistan to heel?