Insight: Pakistan now crushes media ‘azadi’; Army, Sharif gag journalist

In Pakistan, another ‘azadi’ or freedom is in peril. Just days after ‘The Dawn’ newspaper reported a tiff between the civilian govt and Army chief their assistant editor Cyril Almeida has been put on an exit control list.
In other words he will not be able to travel out of Pakistan and is now on a watch list. The muzzling and intimidation of the media is allegedly on account of the fact that the journalist dare to report the alleged resentment within the civilian establishment against the military general for jeopardising moves to crack down on armed groups in the country.
In a country where Allah and the Army are pillars of the state the article created a stir prompting the generals to ask Nawaz Sharif to act in defence of the realm. Indeed, in Pakistan terrorists like Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar aren’t a threat to the state, but the media is. The hypocrisy confirms two things: the army controls the reins of power and Sharif the Prime Minister is a titular figure, a puppet.
Secondly, no article, commentary will be tolerated that endeavours to expose the nexus between the Army-ISI and terror groups.

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