Insight: Pakistan bans all Indian media – movies, TV blacked out

Pakistan has taken a firm stand against India. It has decided to ban all Indian media, TV channels and radio broadcasts. The decision has been taken in national interest.
A top official has called upon the public to endorse the ban reminding citizens to be Pakistani and see Pakistani. He has said, “We should only promote, project and transfer our values, norms and culture to our next generation, rather than promoting culture and religion of other countries.” But while Pakistan has decided that India is virtually a persona non-grata for it, here in India we are still embracing all that is Pakistani. 
Peaceniks have in fact launched a campaign backing B-town big wigs who have offered lucrative roles to Pakistani stars. One wonders if they will now review their stand. In fact, Karan Johar has a difficult choice or a ‘mushkil’ choice to make over the next few days.
Will he still eye box office profits, plead Fawad’s case? More importantly will he ask Pakistan’s Fawads to oppose their government’s total blackout of all things Indian? Will Indian doves now call upon their counterparts to condemn the Pak government decision. This is the real test of commitment.

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