Insight: 100 crore Reddy row — Who’ll nail baron’s ‘black cash’?

A 500 crore wedding in Bengaluru has raised hackles. Now it turns out that it may have driven one man to commit suicide – Ramesh Gowda.
Ramesh, the driver of a Karnataka bureaucrat Bheema Nayak, consumed poison on Wednesday.
His suicide note says he knew about mining baron Janardhana reddy converting 100 crores of black money into white.
He alleged he was being threatened by the BJP MP Sriramulu.
Bheema Nayak has been booked for abetment to suicide, but Reddy and Sriramulu haven’t been touched.  Why? On ‘Insight’ tonight, we find out why the BJP treats its former MP and money bags with kid gloves and why Karnataka’s Congress govt passes the buck and refuses to act.

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