Nation At 9: Refuses to grandstand, ‘won’t spare them’ is the message

In Lucknow at the iconic Ramleela at Aishbagh the Prime Minister took the high road to statesmanship.
In a fitting tribute to Lord Ram, the PM echoed the evolved morality of a ‘Maryada Purush’. Not once did he stoop to politicise or grandstand even though the UP polls are around the corner and the temptation may have been great.
Instead the PM disarmed the opposition by refusing to take credit for the surgical strikes. In fact he credited the humble Jatayu or the ordinary citizen for demonstrating the tireless spirit needed to tackle terrorism. In the same breath by defining terror as modern day Ravana, the PM has committed his govt to decimate this evil.
By ensuring his speech was devoid of politics the PM has artfully compelled the opposition to now stand unequivocally with govt. Perhaps the most important aspect of the speech was the PM presenting terror as a crime against humanity thereby equating abettor states as violators of human rights. This is significant at India is lobbying the international community to declare Pak a terror state.

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