Nation at 9: Rahul Gandhi attacks Centre; says 94% black hoard not in cash, but gold and land

When raids are conducted on babus, netas and barons, land deeds in the names of friends, drivers and other relatives are usually found.
This is known infamously to us as ‘benami’ properties which form a large part of the haul. Yesterday the Prime Minister made it clear that the demonetisation drive was just the first phase of his clean up drive. Dusting off a 1988 anti-benami law will now be phase two.
Today Rahul Gandhi insisted that 94 percent of India’s black hoard was indeed not in cash, but in benami land and gold. But the question is can it be done? Can the 1.3 billion of us that need home and hearth find deliverance from those that steal our land? And if it can be done, who’s to blame for not having done it before.

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