Nation At 9: A new political war emerges as Akhilesh becomes ‘Neta Ji’

The South of India has always stood as the custodian of the truly ancient the pre-Vedic civilisations. Today, it may well be the bell weather of the truly post-modern when Akhilesh has been out distributing Samajwadi smart phones and laptops, marriage and housing loans. He’s not exactly thinking Mandir and mandal borrowing almost wholesale from the AIADMK playbook of Amma canteens, Amma mixer grinders and pretty much everything else. If he does turn out to be the winner in the party sweepstakes his brand of politics promises, at least promises to be a bit different. Akhilesh’s UP challenger Narendra Modi as prime minister is doing much the same Digi Dhan pitched as a revolution, housing for all a promise and honesty as the renewed gold standard. The question is this, has something changed in our politics away from who we are caste, community to who we want to be better, happier and wealthier? If politics is the sniffer dog of public sentiment has the public sentiment changed and if it has are Rahul and Maya keeping up?

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