Mamata Banerjee keeps her promise, declassifies 64 #NetajiFiles

| Friday, September 18, 2015 - 12:27
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West Bengal govt declassifies Netaji files
KOLKATA: Keeping up the promise, the West Bengal government on Friday declassified 64 files related to Netaji  Subhash Chandra Bose ending the long wait of 67 years. The files were not only handed over to the family members in a digitalized form, but were also kept on display in a police museum in Kolkata. However, it would be made public for the people only by Monday.
According to the reports, the documents are stored in more than 12, 000 pages. 
The confidential files on Netaji are expected to hold enough circumstantial evidence that he was alive at least till 1964, sources inform. NewsX has an exclusive access of 64 files that have been made public to the people.
According to an American Intelligence report that was drafted in early 1960s, Netaji could have returned to India sometime in February 1964, 19 years after it was claimed that he died in an air crash in Taihoku, Taiwan. 
Even though Russia is not mentioned in the report, Netaji researchers believe that America intelligence units had learned about his scheduled return from Russia via China. At that time, he would have been 67 years old.
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After noting various bits of news and articles floating around in the press(and then on TV) for decades, one cannot but notice the following quite probable picture emerging: 1. Netaji was being hounded for the kill by British, American and Israeli secret services for his contacts with Germany and Japan, and his meeting with Hitler, etc. He was the post-World War-2 threat for them. Therefore he could not return to India but had to seek refuge in safer places from where he could re-organise. India took a foolish step in declaring him dead in the hope of Indians soon forgetting him so that Netaji's reported presence in other lands and his influence will not come in the way of negotiations with the British for our freedom.. 2. After freedom Nehru and Sardar Patel had even more to fear. Netaji would overthrow them with the help of Gen.Cariappa and the Indian army. The latter was stopped from winning back POK with the idea that it would prevent him from becoming a national hero for Indians. All news about Netaji was suppressed and put in the deep freezer of classified secret files, and attempts to trace him were sabotaged. Netaji's family members became suspected elements for Govt.of India.. Every Central and WB Government till now had their own axe to grind in keeping the files out of reach of Indians. BJP Government's backboneless view that the files may affect "bilateral" relations with other countries is nothing but rotten rubbish besides being an anti-national act. Netaji would have known very well that Hitler's and Imperial Japan's fates were doomed, so out of sheer patriotism he must have tried to get as much anti-British support from them as possible before they collapsed. Therefore it is a reasonably safe assumption that Netaji was ultimately killed by the agents of one or more of the WW-II Allies.with the blessings of Nehru and Sardar Patel. 3. Bravo Mamatha Banerjee, she has dared to do what anyone else in power did not have the guts to do. For this she might even have taken some risk. If as a result the truth comes to be established, she will go down in history as the Chief Minister of Bengal who opened the Pandora's box containing the ultimate information leading to the identification of the anti- Netaji cowards. The people of India will inflict on them and on their black memories the punishment that they deserve.



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