With the ever increasing user base on popular social messaging applications, it has also become important to monitor what’s being shared online. Regarding the same, the government has come with a new guideline ignoring which may land you in jail.

According to the new government guidelines, the Group administrators can land in jail if stuff like rumours, a fake news story, fake videos considered offensive are shared on social networking platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp groups.

In an order issued by Varanasi District Magistrate Yogeshwar Ram Mishra and Senior Superintendent of Police Nitin Tiwari, any misleading information, rumour, fake news story, videos or any stuff which can trigger tension or lead to communal clash shared on social media groups, then it will be liable for an First Information Report (FIR) and could land the group administrator in jail.

There are thousands of groups that are active on WhatsApp, Facebook social networking sites and all groups have their administrators who have the power of blocking or removing people from the groups.

After the new guideline from the government, the group administrator on Facebook, WhatsApp will be held responsible if they fail to stop the sharing of any type of content in the form of rumour, fake news, videos in their respective groups. The group administrator must deny it on the group or they can remove the person who is found to be sharing any offensive posts.