IPL 2016, MI vs SRH: Power-packed Sunrisers Hyderabad drown Mumbai Indians by 85 runs

| Sunday, May 8, 2016 - 20:23
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IPL 2016: MI beats SRH by 85 runs

Visakhapatnam: Sunrisers Hyderabad win the match from Mumbai Indians by a colossal 85 runs. It was a nightmarish beginning for the Mumbai Indians from the start of the second half. Not only were their shortcomings as a unit apparent, it was obvious that the batsmen were in no condition to face the bowlers. When Sunrisers put up a reasonable 177 for the Indians to chase, the expectation was that Mumbai Indians would follow suit and brace themselves for a good fight. However, Sunrisers proved too strong a team for the Mumbai Indians, and an excellent day in the field of Visakhapatnam proved exactly that. 
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Ashish Nehra is the Man of the Match. 
Highest scorer: Harbhajan Singh 21 runs (Not out) 
Most wicket taker: Ashish Nehra 3 wickets (15 runs)  Mustafizur Rahman 3 wickets (16 runs) 

* OUT! Bumrah has been taken out and that is the end of one horrendous match. Bumrah has been taken out Barinder Sran. 
* Barinder Sran's over. 
* End of 16th Over: Mumbai Indians 92/9. Wickets: 0 
* 15.6 FOUR! Full toss from Kumar, Harbhajan converts it into a boundary. 
* You know the match is horrendous when the bowlers are collectively scoring more runs than the batsmen. 
* Bhuvneshvar Kumar's over. 
* Mumbai Indians need 93 runs from 30 balls to win the match. 
* End of 15th Over: Mumbai Indians 85/9.  Wickets: 0 
* 14.1 FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah with the shot. It's gone behind for a boundary. 
* Jasprit Bumrah comes in for McClenaghan. 
* Barinder Sran's over. 
* End of 14th Over: Mumbai Indians 78/9.  Wickets: Mitchell McClenaghan 8
* 13.6 WICKET! That's the last nail on the coffin for the Mumbai Indians. A desperate shot from McClenaghan which is easily caught by Henriques. He's gone for 8. 
* 13.1 FOUR! Cleanly taken by McClenaghan. 
* Mustafizur Rahman's over. 
* End of 13th Over: Mumbai Indians 70/8.  Wickets: 0  
* 12.3 FOUR! Harbhajan Singh with the shot.  
* Moises Henrique's over. 
* End of 12th Over: Mumbai Indians 62/8.  Wickets: Tim Southee 3
* Mitchell McClenaghan comes in for Tim Southee. 
* 11.1 OUT! That was long coming for Southee. How can you expect a bowler to stick it out for team when the target is more than 100? Southee taken out for 3 runs. 
* Mustafizur Rahman's over. 


* End of 11th Over: Mumbai Indians 58/7.  Wickets: 0  No boundaries conceded. 

* Moises Henriques' over. 


* End of 10th Over: Mumbai Indians 54/7.  Wickets: Hardik Pandya 7 

* Tim Southee comes in for Hardik Pandya. 

* 9.1 OUT! That's the end for Hardik Pandya. He has been taken out by Mustafizur on the first ball. He's gone for 7. 

* Mustafizur Rahman with his first over. 


* End of 9th Over: Mumbai Indians 50/6. Wickets: Kieron Pollard 11 

* Harbhajan Singh comes in for Kieron Pollard. Wasn't Bhajji bowling a little while ago? This is a quick shuffle indeed! 

* 8.4 OUT! Pollard gone! He seems to have given up the fight already. A full swing at a boundary, but the ball hovers over the ground for a solid catch. Pollard's gone for 11. 

* Moises Henriques' over. 


* End of 8th Over: Mumbai Indians 48/5. Wickets: 0  

* 7.3 FOUR again! Pollard on the offensive. 

* 7.1 FOUR by Pollard! A breath of fresh air finally. 

* Barinder Sran's over. 


* End of 7th Over: Mumbai Indians 38/5.  Wickets: 0  No boundaries conceded. 

* Mumbai Indians' seem to be a little composed as of this moment. They're going for small runs between the wickets instead of big boundaries. 

* Moises Henriques' over. 


* End of 6th Over: Mumbai Indians 32/5. Wickets: 0  No boundaries conceded in this over. 

* Ashish Nehra's over. 

* Legendary cricket Sachin Tendulkar, who is on Mumbai's side, doesn't seem too pleased right now. 

* Hardik Pandya comes in for Krunal Pandya. 


* End of 5th Over: Mumbai Indians 31/5. Wickets: Krunal Pandya 17 

* 4.2 OUT! Krunal Pandya has been bowled out. What is happening to the Mumbai team? They are lacking some serious determination here. He;s gone for 17. 

* Barinder Sran's over. 

* Kieron Pollard comes in for Jos Buttler. 


* End of 4th Over: Mumbai Indians 30/4.  Wickets: Rayudu 6  Jos Buttler 2 

* 3.6 WICKET! It's raining Mumbai Indians batsmen in Visakhapatnam. Change of venue too bad for them or is it just bad form? Jos Buttler has been taken out for a mere 2 runs. 

* Jos Buttler comes in for Rayudu. 

* 3.4 That's it for Rayudu! He's been taken out brilliantly by Nehra. The impatience is getting to the batsmen. Rayudu has left the pitch for 6 runs. 

* It's interesting how, despite the heavy losses, Pandya and Rayudu are playing. If they remain composed for a while instead of hitting boundaries, Mumbai might still have a chance. 

* 3.2 SIXER! Shot from Pandya. 

* Ashish Nehra's over. 


* End of 3rd Over: Mumbai Indians 20/2.  Wickets: 0 

* 2.6 FOUR! Pandya with the drive, and its gone ahead for the boundary. 

* Mumbai Indians has to forget the nightmare that just occurred and instead opt for another beginning. 

* 2.3 FOUR! Shot by Rayudu, the ball has comfortably touched the boundary. 

* Bhuvneshvar Kumar's over. 


* End of 2nd Over: Mumbai Indians 9/2. Wickets: Rohit Sharma 5 

* 1.6 Four! Pandya with the shot. 

* Ambati Rayudu has come in for Rohit Sharma. 

* Krunal Pandya has come in for Parthiv Patel. 

* In just a blink of an eye, Mumbai Indians has already lost two batsmen. 

* 1.1 WICKET! Unbelievable! Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has been taken out by Nehra for a mere 5 run. 

* Ashish Nehra with his first over. 


* End of 1st Over: Mumbai Indians 5/1. Wickets: Parthiv Patel 0 

* 0.6 OUT! How soon is that? How soon is that? Parthiv Patel has been taken out in the first over itself. He's gone for an ineffective duck. 

* 0.1 FOUR! That's the first boundary from the Mumbai Indians on the first ball itself. Shot from Rohit Sharma. 

* Bhuvneshvar Kumar bowls the first over. 

* Parthiv Patel and Rohit Sharma is opening the score line for Mumbai Indians. 

* The second half of the match has commenced. Mumbai Indians have to chase a target of 178 in 120 overs. 


Sunrisers Hyderabad has registered a tally of 177/3 in the first half. Not a bad target we say. 


Highest Scorer: Shikhar Dhawan 82 (not out) 

Most wicket taker: Harbhajan Singh 2 (29 runs) 


* End of 20th Over: Sunrisers 177/3.  Boundaries: 4   Wickets: Yuvraj Singh 39

* Moises Henriques comes in after Yuvraj Singh. 

* WICKET! Yuvraj Singh has been taken out. We can't help but ridicule the fact that his bat hit the wicket behind. Completely caught off-guard here Yuvraj. He has gone for 39. 

* FOUR! Yuvraj Singh with the shot. 

* McClenaghan with the last over. 


* End of 19th over: Sunrisers 170/2.  Boundaries: 6, 4  Wickets: 0 

* FOUR! Dhawan with the shot, now at 81. 

* SIXER! Dhawan is unstoppable today. 

* Jasprit Bumrah's over. 


* End of 18th Over: Sunrisers 157/2.  Boundaries: 6, 4  Wickets: 0  

* FOUR! Dhawan with the shot. 

* SIX! That's a shot from Yuvraj Singh! 

* Tim Southee's over. 


* End of 17th Over: Sunrisers 143/2.  Boundaries: 4, 4, 4  Wickets: 0 

* FOUR! Bumrah's over is proving to be expensive for Mumbai Indians. Shot by Dhawan. 

* FOUR again! Shot by Dhawan. 

* FOUR! A slice at the ball by Dhawan, and the rest is history. 

* Jasprit Bumrah's over. 


* End of 16th Over: Sunrisers 130/2.  Boundaries: 4, 4  Wickets: 0 

* FOUR! The shot has connected, and it has gone for the boundary. Good shot by Yuvraj. 

* Yuvi is swinging ferociously at every coming ball, we just wish one makes a contact. 

* Woah! That was an expected, but good-to-watch shot. A slice at the ground by Dhawan, and the ball has skidded on the ground for a boundary behind. FOUR! 

* Mitchell McClenaghan's over. 


* End of 15th Over: Sunrisers 116/2.  Boundaries: 6, 4   Wickets: 0 

* SIX! Yuvi at it again! 

* FOUR! That should come as a relief for the Sunrisers. Yuvraj Singh looks good against Pollard. 

* Kieron Pollard's over. 


* Time-out. After three overs with virtually no effort at the boundary, we know who has called for this time-out. 

* Mumbai Indians looks much more composed now in the pitch. Meanwhile, the Sunrisers isn't looking too good. Lot of things expected from Yuvraj Singh as we move on.  

* End of 14th Over: Sunrisers 102/2.  Boundaries: 0  Wickets: 0  

* Tim Southee's over. 


* End of 13th Over: Sunrisers 96/2.  Boundaries: 0   Wickets: 0 

* That's one great bowling from Bumrah. 

* Jasprit Bumrah's over. 


* End of 12th Over: Sunrisers 93/2.  Boundaries: 0   Wickets: Kane Williamson 2 

* Can Yuvraj Singh hold out against his team-mates onslaught? He's in after Williamson. 

* OUT! That was one poor shot from Kane Williamson. He was expected to hold off the offense for a while until the next batsmen. But he's been taken out with a brilliant catch. Williamson out at 2 runs by Harbhajan. 

* Harbhajan Singh's over. 


* End of 11th over: Sunrisers 90/1.  Boundaries: 0    Wickets: 0   Good over by Pandya. 

* Warner-Dhawan partnership garnered 85 runs in 9.5 overs. 

* Krunal Pandya bowls his first over. 

* Kane Williamson comes in after David Warner. 


* End of 10th Over: Sunrisers 85/1.  Boundaries: 4, 4  Wickets: David Warner 48 

* OUT! The veteran cricketer has done it finally. David Warner, the machine-man, has been taken out at a crucial point by Harbhajan. The wicket should've come sooner, but better late than never. Warner has left for 48 with two runs short of a half-century. 

* FOUR! Warner at it again. 

* FOUR! Boundary by Warner. 

* Harbhajan Singh's over. 


* End of 9th Over: Sunrisers 76/0.  Boundaries: 0    Wickets: 0  

* Dhawan with a Four! Beautiful shot! At least one boundary in an over has become mandatory for SRH it seems. 

* We're seeing a rainbow of Mumbai Indians' bowlersw today. They're all in for a taste of boundary? 

* Kieron Pollard is bowling his first over. 


* End of 8th Over: Sunrisers 67/0.  Boundaries: 4   Wickets: 0 

* FOUR! That was an inescapable boundary we tell you! Out with a cut to the ball and pass the fielder in the back. Good shot by Dhawan. 

* Harbhajan Singh's over. 

* Mumbai Indians have called for a time-out. They need a crucial ruffling of the feathers to change things up a bit. And also, they need to take one wicket as soon as they can. Out of courtesy for the T20 format. 


* End of 7th Over: Sunrisers 61/0.   Boundaries: 4  Wickets: 0 

* FOUR! Taken firmly by Dhawan and converted into a boundary. Pandya seems frustrated. 

* Hardik Pandya bowls his first over. Will he claim the first wicket? 


* End of 6th Over: Sunrisers 51/0.  Boundaries: 4, 4  Wickets: 0 

* Four again! 

* FOUR! Haven't they learned already? Warner will convert poor balls into boundaries. No question about that. 

* Mitchell McClenaghan comes in determined. 


* End of 5th Over: Sunrisers 40/0.  Boundaries: 4  Wickets: 0 

* Four! Seems like Warner is here to teach every bowler of the team a lesson. He has slapped a boundary on the first ball. 

* Jasprit Bumrah is here with his first over. 


* End of 4th Over: Sunrisers 34/0.  Boundaries: 6, 4    Wickets: 0 

* FOUR! Warner at it again. 

* SIXER! Wasn't that a sting? Warner has pulled a massive shot to put it directly over the boundary. 

* Harbhajan Singh for a change. 


* End of 3rd Over: Sunrisers 23/0.  Boundaries: 0  Wickets: 0  Great running between the field by both batsmen. 

* Tim Southee again. 


* End of 2nd Over: Sunrisers 14/0.  Boundaries: 4   Wickets: 0 

* FOUR! That's a boundary at the end of the over. Greatly executed by Dhawan. 

* Mitchell McClenaghan bowls his first over. 


* End of 1st Over: Sunrisers 7/0. Boundaries: 4  Wickets: 0 

* FOUR! What are the chances of that happening? And that too on the first ball. Great shot by Warner. 

* Tim Southee is bowling the first over the match. 

* Shikhar Dhawan and David Warner are opening the scoreline for the Sunrisers. SRH 0/0. 

* Mumbai Indians has won the toss and opted to bowl first for the match. No surprise in that. 

Visakhapatnam: Mumbai Indians are more subdued compared to their counterpart on Sunday's match in Visakhapatnam. Sunrisers has had a lot to deal with recently, but they've only emerged stronger and more efficient on the pitch, As Mumbai Indians look to claim victory at their recently-changed home turf, the Sunrisers will hold the same determination. Who has the upper hand, and who will eventually claim the no. 4 spot? 

Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner(Captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson, Moises Henriques, Yuvraj Singh, Deepak Hooda, Naman Ojha(Wicketkeeper), Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Barinder Sran, Ashish Nehra, Mustafizur Rahman
Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma(Captain), Parthiv Patel(Wicketkeeper), Ambati Rayudu, Jos Buttler, Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, Tim Southee, Mitchell McClenaghan, Jasprit Bumrah


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