IPL 2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad shine to lift Premier League trophy

| Monday, May 30, 2016 - 19:30
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Bangalore: A great effort by the Royal Challengers Bangalore to claim victory, but it was ultimately Sunrisers' fierce persistence which won them the 2016 IPL title. 
With 39 runs and 2 wickets, Ben Cutting is the Man of the Match. 
* End of 20th Over: Royal Challengers 200/7. Sunrisers Hyderabad has won the match. 
* 19.6 Four! Better a bird with one stone than two. Shot from Iqbal Abdulla. 
* With 13 runs needed of one ball, RCB has already lost the match. 
* 19.3 RUN OUT! A desperate run between the wicket. But Chris Jordan has fallen short. He's gone for 3 runs. 
* Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the bowler with the last over. 
* End of 19th Over: Royal Challengers 191/6. Wickets: Stuart Binny 9 runs 
* 18.6 SIXER! Great swing from Sachin Baby. Totally unexpected. 
* Chris Jordan comes in replacement for Stuart Binny. 
* 18.1 RUN OUT! Stuart Binny falls short of the second run, and he's been taken out. Binny out for 9 runs. 
* Mustahfizur Rahman's over. 
* End of 18th Over: Royal Challengers 179/5. Wickets: 0 
* 17.6 FOUR! Sachin Baby cleverly places the bat in front of the wicket and the ball scuttles straight back to the boundary. 
* Bhuvneshwar Kumar's over. 
* End of 17th Over: Royal Challengers 172/5. Wickets: Shane Watson 11 runs
* 16.5 SIXER! It's not over until we say it's over: Royal Challengers. Stuart Binny with a precise six. 
* Stuart Binny comes in replacement for Watson. 
* 16.3 OUT! Watson has been taken out! Unbelievable! He's caught by Henriques for 11 runs. 
* Mustahfizur Rahman's over. 
* End of 16th Over: Royal Challengers 162/4. Wickets: Lokesh Rahul 11 runs 
* Sachin Baby comes in replacement for Lokesh Rahul. 
* 15.3 OUT! There's a wicket when you need one. Grip tightens around Royal Challengers. Lokesh Rahul taken out for 11 runs. 
* Ben Cutting is here. 
* Royal Challengers need 51 runs off of five overs. 
* End of 15th Over: Royal Challengers 158/3. Wickets: 0 
* 14.5 SIXER! Watson has provided a much needed boundary to the Royal Challengers. 
* Moises Henriques' over. 
* End of 14th overs: Royal Challengers 149/3. Wickets: AB de Villiers 5 runs
* Shane Watson comes in replacement for AB de Villiers. (Sunrisers woes are not over yet) 
* 13.5 OUT! The match is turning the worst way for the Royal Challengers. AB de Villiers has been taken out by Bipul Sharma for 5 runs. 
* 13.1 FOUR! Lokesh Rahul with the shot! 
* Bipul Sharma's over. 
* End of 13th Over: Royal Challengers 141/2. Wickets: Virat Kohli 54 runs
* Lokesh Rahul comes in after Kohli, big shoes to fit inside right now. 
* 12.5 OUT! And that's huge wicket to claim for the Sunrisers. Virat Kohli has been bowled out by Barinder Sran for 54 runs. Right between the wickets! Kohli's gone for 54 runs. 
* 12.2 SIXER! With this boundary comes Kohli's half-century. 
* Barinder Sran here to change things. 
* 11.2 FOUR! Kohli's shot, and it has crossed the boundary. 
* Bipul Sharma's over. 
* End of 11th over: Royal Challengers 120/1. Wickets: Chris Gayle 76 runs
* 10.4 Four! Kohli continues. 
* 10.3 OUT! Chris Gayle has been taken out! That is a big, big wicket for the Sunrisers. Better late than never. Gayle is out for 76. 
* Ben Cutting's over. 
* With the way the match is proceeding, Royal Challengers is rapidly cruising towards victory. 
* End of 10th Over: Royal Challengers 112/0. Wickets: 0 
* 9.2 SIXER! Kohli with the swing and it has assumed a gargantuan elevation. 
* 9.1 FOUR! Kohli this time! 
* Mustahfizur Rahman's over. 
* End of 9th Over: Royal Challengers 100/0. Wickets: 0 
* 8.6 FOUR! Shot by Gayle. 
* 8.5 SIX! Chris Gayle chant reverberating inside the stadium. 
* 8.4 SIXER! Chris Gayle phenomenon continues. 
* 8.1 FOUR! Kohli hits the boundary. 
* Moises Henriques' over. 
* Sunrisers Hyderabad need to take quick wickets if they want their chances in the match. 
* End of 8th Over: Royal Challengers 79/0. Wickets: 0 
* 7.3 SIXER! The Gayle rampage continues. Captin Warner is not amused. 
* Ben Cutting's over after time-out. 
* End of 7th Over: Royal Challengers 69/0. Wickets: 0 
* 6.1 SIX! Chris Gayle sends the bowl scuttling over the line. 
* Moises Henriques bowls his first over. 
* End of 6th Over: Royal Challengers 59/0. Wickets: 0 
* Mustahfizur Rahman is bowling superbly to halt unnecessary boundaries. 
* Mustahfizur Rahman bowls his first over. 
* End of 5th Over: Royal Challengers 55/0. Wickets: 0 
* 4.4 FOUR! Gayle with the shot, no fielder is there to take it. 
* 4.3 SIX! How will they stop this man from scoring? Chris Gayle with the shot! 
* Ben Cutting's over. 
* End of 4th Over: Royal Challengers 42/0. Wickets: 0 
* 3.6 SIXER! Gayle with a powerful shot! 
* 3.5 FOUR! Gayle with the drive. 
* 3.2 SIXER! Chris Gayle with a massive swing. It's gone across the boundary. 
* Sran's over. 
* End of 3rd Over: Royal Challengers 26/0. Wickets: 0 
* 2.4 FOUR! Gayle at it again! 
* Bhuvneshwar's over. 
* End of 2nd Over: Royal Challengers18/0. Wickets: 0 
* 1.3 SIXER! Chris Gayle with the shot. Few more and they'll be in line with Sunrisers. 
* Sran bowls his first over. 
* End of 1st Over: Royal Challengers Bangalore 5/0. Wickets: 0 
* 0.5 FOUR! Virat Kohli makes the first boundary of the match. 
* Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls the first over of the match. 
* Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle are opening the batting line-up for Royal Challengers Bangalore. 
* Here it is, the Royal Challengers Bangalore need to make 208 runs in 20 overs to win the match. 
* End of 20th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad are 208/7. Wickets: 0 
* 19.3 SIX! Cutting with the shot! 
* 19.2 SIXER! That has to be a huge one! Where was Cutting hiding all this time? 
* 19.1 FOUR! Cutting powers a four for Watson. 
* Shane Watson bowls the last over. 
* End of 19th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 184/7. Wickets: Bipul Sharma 5 runs. 
* 18.5 Four and wide! Cutting with the swing. Poor ball from Jordan. 
* Bhuvneshwar Kumar is here to replace Bipul Sharma. 
* 18.4 OUT! That's the end of the stretch for Bipul Sharma. He's been caught by Chahal for 5 runs. 
* 18.3 FOUR! Bipul Sharma with the shot! 
* Chris Jordan's over. 
* End of 18th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 168/6. Wickets: Naman Ojha 7 runs
* Bipul Sharma comes in for Naman Ojha. 
* 17.5 Four! Cutting with the hitting! Beautiful four! 
* 17.3 SIX! The boundaries continue to come. Ben Cutting with the shot. 
* 17.1 RUN OUT! Miscommunication in the field. Ojha goes back, but he's too late. Ojha out for 7 runs. 
* Chris Jordan's over. 
* End of 17th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 156/5. Wickets: Yuvraj Singh 38 runs 
* 16.2 FOUR! Back on the paddle the Sunrisers. Four from Ojha. 
* Naman Ojha comes in replace for Yuvraj Singh. 
* 16.1 OUT! Yuvraj Singh sees his end for the match today. He's been caught out by Watson for 38 runs. Short of 12 runs for a half century. 
* Ben Cutting comes in for DJ Hooda.
* Chris Jordan's over. 
* End of 16th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 147/4. Wickets: DJ Hooda 3 runs 
* 15.6 OUT! That's it for DJ Hooda. A weak shot towards the boundary and it has been caught by Kohli. Hooda goes for 3. 
* 15.1 FOUR! Yuvraj Singh clears the ball into the boundary again. That man is unstoppable! 
* Chris Jordan's over. 
* End of 15th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 140/3. Wickets: 0 
* 14.4 Four! Yuvraj Singh carries the torch after Warner. Great shot! 
* 14.3  SIXER! Cracker from Yuvi! It has gone for six. 
* Chahal's over. 
* End of 14th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 127/3. Wickets: David Warner 69 runs
* DJ Hooda comes in to replace David Warner. 
* 13.3 OUT! Aravind has done it for the Royal Challengers. Warner tries to swing it, but his bat only grazes the ball. It has been caught by Abdulla at the back. Warner goes out for 69. 
* 13.2 FOUR! Warner with the drive. 
* Sreenath Aravind resumes his over. 
* End of 13th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 120/2. Wickets: 0  (Good over from Chahal) 
* Chahal's over. 
* End of 12th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 116/2. Wickets: 0 
* 11.3 SIXER! Yuvraj Singh has converted it brilliantly into a boundary. 
* 11.2 FOUR! Yuvraj Singh with the shot. 
* Chris Jordan's over. 
* End of 11th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 103/2. Wickets: 0 
* 10.6 FOUR! That's Yuvy's first boundary of the match. Let's hope he does a lot more. 
* Yuvraj Singh comes in replacement for Henriques. 
* Shane Watson's over. 
* End of 10th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 97/2. Wickets: Moises Henriques 4 runs. 
* 9.5 OUT! Jordan to Henriques. He's been taken out! Caught by Chahal, Henriques had been taken out by Jordan for 4 runs. 
* 9.2 FOUR! Warner again! 
* 9.1 FOUR! Tough shot to swallow for Jordan. Great drive from Warner. 
* Chris Jordan here to mix things up a bit. 
* Warner said before the match that bowling was the power of the Sunrisers Hyderabad. We beg to differ. 
* End of 9th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 88/1. Wickets: 0 
* 8.5 FOUR! How crazy this is? Warner has already reached a half-century. Boy was that fast! 
* 8.3 FOUR! A beautiful cut from Warner, It has gone way past the fielder. 
* Yuzvendra Chahal's over. 
* End of 8th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 75/1. Wickets: 0 
* 7.3 SIXER! It's none other than the captain himself. A massive swing from Warner. 
* Iqbal Abdulla bowls his first over. 
* End of 7th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 65/1. Wickets: Shikhar Dhawan 28 runs
* Moises Henriques comes in replacement for Shikhar Dhawan.
* 6.4 OUT! Chahal to Dhawan, and he's out, Bangalore gets his first breakthrough. Dhawan goes for 28
* Yuvendra Chahal's Over
* Some poor choices with the bowling power from Royal Challengers today. They are being punished right now. 
* End of 6th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 59/0. Wickets: 0 
* 5.6 SIX! Warner punishing the Challengers right now. 
* 5.2 Four! The boundaries-deluge hasn't stopped yet. Four from Dhawan. 
* Chris Gayle's over. (Why is Gayle being told to continue with his over instead of the other bowlers) 
* End of 5th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 46/0. Wickets: 0 
* 4.5 Four! David Warner with the drive, and four it is. 
4.3 SIX! A straight swing from Dhawan and it has gone for six. 
* 4.1 SIXER! First sixer from David Warner. A cracker of a shot. 
* Shane Watson bowls his first over. 
* End of 4th Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 27/0. Wickets: 0 
* 3.5 FOUR! Dhawan converts it into a boundary. 
* Chris Gayle with the ball again. 
* End of 3rd Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 21/0. Wickets: 0
* 2.6 FOUR again! Superbly executed from Warner. 
* 2.5 Four! Warner with the drive, straight through for the boundary. 
* Sreenath Aravind's over. 
* End of 2nd Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 12/0. Wickets: 0
* Chris Gayle bowls his first over. 
* End of 1st Over: Sunrisers Hyderabad 7/0. Wickets: 0
* 0.6 FOUR! That's the first boundary of the match from Dhawan. Easily picked by the batsmen. 
* Sreenath Aravind bowls the first over. 
* Shikhar Dhawan and David Warner are starting the batting line-up for the Sunrisers Hyderabad. 
* Sunrisers Hyderabad has won the toss and opted to bat first for the match. A peculiar decision at such an important match. 
* The two captains are on the ground. Toss is underway. 
Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad will be looking to clinch their maiden Indian Premier League title on Sunday at M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. The match is scheduled at start at 8:00 pm (Indian Standard Time). 
It would be wrong to assume that Royal Challengers has the edge over Sunrisers as they have trampled unbeaten into the league after early defeats. Sunrisers have time and again proved that not only it is the determination of one single player which carries the match, it is the persistence of an objective-driven team which wins the match. Sunrisers have the prolific Virat Kohli and Ab de Villiers whose lethal partnership broke IPL records. And on the other hand, Sunrisers have David Warner, a passionate captain who efficiently shoulders the burden of the entire team like an Atlas. 
The match is as much as Bangalore's as it is the Sunrisers'. Whoever wins the toss of will have a crushing advantage in today's final IPL match. 
Weather in Bangalore
With light showers imminent in Bangalore in the coming days, Sunday is the only safespot for a smooth match between the Sunrisers and the Royal Challengers. Precipitation is 7% and the weather is a cool 31 degrees Celcius. 
Royal Challengers Bangalore 
V Kohli (Captain), VR Aaron, AN Ahmed, S Aravind, STR Binny, YS Chahal, AB de Villiers, P Dubey, CH Gayle, TM Head, Iqbal Abdulla, KM Jadhav, CJ Jordan, AK Karnewar, SN Khan, VS Malik, Mandeep Singh, Parvez Rasool, HV Patel, KL Rahul, KW Richardson, Sachin Baby, T Shamsi, V Tokas, SR Watson, D Wiese
Sunrisers Hyderabad 
DA Warner (Captain), A Ashish Reddy, RK Bhui, Bipul Sharma, TA Boult, BCJ Cutting, S Dhawan, MC Henriques, DJ Hooda, S Kaul, B Kumar, A Mithun, EJG Morgan, Mustafizur Rahman, NV Ojha, V Shankar, KV Sharma, BB Sran, TL Suman, AP Tare, KS Williamson, Yuvraj Singh

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david warnar is the best caiptan of world

IPL tournanent

In my opinion IPL should be banned because : 1) No true Cricket spirit in matches & players. 2) Criminal waste of money by business tycoons. 3). Emotional wars or fights amongst states or cities is not good in the interest of Nation. 4). It promotes match-fixings as history of IPL reveals.

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