I am ready to give up cricket for Islam: England cricketer Moeen Ali

| Saturday, July 16, 2016 - 16:00
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Moeen Ali has proved himself as an important member of the England team for the past two years

New Delhi: England cricket sensation Moeen Ali, who has time and again proved himself indispensable for the team, said in an interview that he'd readily give up his career for Islam.

In a BBC interview, Ali said, "At the back of my mind there is a responsibility that I am representing Islam, Muslims and British Asians. It is a positive thing. As long as I perform, which is the most the most important thing and I can behave.”

When questioned about his faith towards Islam, Moeen Ali stated, "The most important thing of everything, it is something that, I feel like it makes me feel free and the one I wanted to be all my life. As a youngster, I was far from it. When I was about 18-19, I decided that this is the way I want to live my life.  It is the only thing that can give me happiness. Cricket is important but nowhere near as important as Islam, if I have to give up cricket tomorrow, it will be easy.”

Moeen Ali has proved himself as an important member of the England team for the past two years. In Test cricket and in ODIs, he has accumulated a total of 66 wickets.

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Moeen Ali willing to give up Cricket for Islam

Let Moeen Ali FIRST give up his UK citizenship and go to an Islamic state, including ISIS !! Fanatic fellow

Moeen Ali willing to give up Cricket for Islam

let him quit cricket first and join ISIS or any other terror group of his choice!


nobody in the sporting world will talk about their faith in their profession. hence this view is not required at all. it is unwarranted.

Please don't club non-muslim

Please don't club non-muslim Asians with the muslim ones. Muslims have targeted roughly a million non-muslim young teenage girls for religious reasons.

we love moin ali as a

we love moin ali as a cricketer. faith is personnel and it is not for exihibition, there are many fantastic cricketers than him many of them are devout HINDUS and CHRISTIANS but they will not exihibit publicley. we heard many cricketers in pakistan team who are so fanatic about islam that they are luring, try to convincing or pleading the visiting team members to convert to islam.


ungrateful moozzi just give up cricket and fuk off to porkistan where you belong to

Why bring Religion into everything?

Why do they have to bring their religion into every goddamn thing? If they are so worried about their Religion, then they should condemn terrorists and stop supporting countries and organizations that harbor terrorists. Cricket is just a game. Really stupid.

Cricket and Islam

It is really a mystery. Under what circumstances could there be a clash between cricket and Islam? It sounds like nonsense.


Moeen Ali may represent Muslims or whatever, but this kind of evil can never represent Asians. What a poisonous human being & what a poisonous belief system he belongs to !

That is the spirit.For a

That is the spirit.For a Muslim religion is everything.humanity never comes near it.

Quiting everything for Islam

Iam pround on my bro moieen, Islam is every thing for us... No matter what others peoples comments, we proud that we are muslims.


If Islam is so important to him...then why is he playing Cricket? He should be playing stoning-stoning...

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