New Delhi: The non-playing Indian contingent for the Rio Olympics 2016 has turned out to be nothing but mere fopperies for the under-performing Indian athletes. From Vijay Goel’s tantrums to Anil Vij’s ‘motivational’ travel to Rio, the Indian athletes are actually getting less than what they truly deserve.

Add to all this the Chief Medical Officer for the Indian contingent, Pawandeep Singh Kohli, a radiologist by profession, who was given the significant task of taking care of the health of the Indian athletes. Turns out, Pawandeep Singh is spending more time on himself than on the athletes.

A report from Rio said that the son of the Vice President of the Indian Olympic Association (IOC) and the acting President of the Archery Association of India was spending his afternoons drinking and having revelries while recommending over-the-counter medicines for the Indian athletes.

Pawandeep’s father Tarlochan Singh defended his son and said, “He (Pawandeep) isn’t illiterate. He was official medical head of the SAF Games, a member of the Commonwealth Games Medical Commission and a reputed international polo player who has represented India on many occasions.”

Asked about why a radiologist was made the Chief Medical Officer, Tarlochan said that his son’s appointment was made by the IOA President N Ramachandran and only he could explain why Pawandeep had been chosen for the position.