New Delhi: Chelsea is reportedly interested in acquiring Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini into their squad, if Juventus accepts the £25 million deal Chelsea has offered for the defender who was infamously bitten by Barcelona’s Luis Suarez.

Chelsea’s impassioned manager Antonio Conte wants some familiar faces in the crowd, and his past experience with Chiellini in Italy might just be another spark he needs in the team. With Chiellini in the squad, Conte wants to ease the workload on John Terry and Gary Cahill who’ve suffered with Chelsea in its horrible performance last Premier League season.

Juventus, who signed a world record deal by selling Paul Pogba to Manchester United for a staggering £89 million, might not let the Italian barrack go from the team.

After Chelsea’s win over Watford, Conte is more than ignited and knows what he wants in the team – to start with Chiellini.