New Delhi: With no headway in the Skhodran Mustafi deal, Arsenal is facing a tough time from its fans for accusing its manager Arsene Wenger of not spending money for new players. 
Valencia has remained adamant not to concede to Arsenal’s £25 million offer for Skhodran Mustafi, and add pressure to all this, Arsene Wenger might soon opt for West Brom’s Jonny Evans — even though the player is viewed unfavourably by Gunners’ fans. 
And West Brom, who is vary of Arsenal’s interest in Jonny Evan want to sign off the player for the £25 million Arsenal is ready to offer Valencia for Mustafi. Evan’s, though unpopular, is an english player adapt to the climate of english football. 
Tony Pulis, West Brom’s manager, said that he does not want Evans to leave the club, “but in football sometimes that happens”. Hence the hefty sum for the player. 
Jonny Evans for Arsenal might not be too bad of an idea after all.