Tech and You — Chinese satellite enters wrong orbit; NASA finds 10 ‘Earth-like’ worlds; & more

By NewsX Bureau | Updated: 20 June 2017 6:03 PM
  • Chinese broadcasting satellite was deployed in a lower-than-planned orbit due to launch failure OF the long march 3B rocket. Investigation into the cause of the failure is still underway. Officials did not elaborate on exactly what went wrong with the launch. This launch mishap was the first failure for any of China’s Long March 3-series rockets since August 2009.The spacecraft is still in contact with engineers.

  • NASA announced that astronomers using the Kepler space telescope have detected 219 possible new exoplanets in our galaxy, including 10 relatively small, rocky and possibly habitable planets similar to the earth. The official catalogue now contains 4,034 total “candidates” which have conditions supporting the existence of life. Kepler was launched into orbit around the sun in 2009. The telescope takes a census of a small slice of our galaxy in an effort to understand its demographics.

  • OnePlus 5 is set for launch at 9:30pm IST in the US. One will be able to watch the live stream on the company’s US site. The phone will be priced at 550 Euros in Europe and $479 for the US market. OnePlus 5 India launch is scheduled for June 22, at an event in Mumbai. The event is going to be an Amazon India exclusive. It will also go on sale at 4:30pm the same day. OnePlus has called its latest version the “slimmest flagship smart phone” from the company.

  • The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max unveiled last week will go on sale in India today. The phone has been priced at Rs. 17,900 for the Indian market and it will be available via offline retail stores as well as the Samsung India site. This is the first smart phone to feature Samsung pay mini which is meant for phones that do not have an inbuilt NFC chip. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and contains 4 GB of ram and 32gb internal storage.

  • Google has announced a new Backup and Sync tool, which will give everyday users the chance to save all the files and photos on their PCs to Google Drive. Google says it has made the tool keeping casual Drive users in mind. The new tool lets one select folder on the computer to be backed up on Drive. If you go over the 15 GB limit offered in free accounts you can pay for more storage or manage you backup files. Google will debut this feature on June 28.

First Published | 20 June 2017 6:03 PM
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