Ahead of his visit to China, a Chinese columnist accuses PM Modi of ‘playing little tricks’

| Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 17:42
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Ahead of his visit to China, a Chinese columnist accuses PM Modi of ‘playing little tricks’

While China prepared for a warm welcome for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a Chinese columnist of a state-run newspaper accused Modi of ‘playing little trick’ ahead of his visit to China.  The writer accused Modi of doing so over border disputes and security issues in a hope to boost up his domestic reputation and his power in negotiations with China.

Contributing for the Chinese Communist party-run Global Times, Hu Zhiyong who is a research fellow with the Institute of International Relations at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences mentioned in his opinion piece that the diplomatic moves by Modi have proven that the Indian Prime Minister is pragmatist rather than a visionary.

Hu explained that in an effort to toughen the mutual political trust, PM Modi should avoid visiting the disputed border areas. “Modi should no longer visit the disputed border region in pursuit of his own political interests, nor should he deliver any remarks that infringe on the consensus on bilateral ties,” he said in reference to Modi’ visit to Arunachal Pradesh which China claims as ‘South Tibet’.

The columnist also wrote that the Indian government should stop extending support to Dalai Lama completely and stop making the Tibetan issue a stumbling block to the China-India relationship.

Published under the title ‘Can Modi’s visit upgrade China-India ties?’, Hu wrote the top lead of the opinion page of the paper. 

The Chinese state media normally echoes the approach of the government on issues and it is definitely strange to put out a critical opinion section on the eve of a high-level visit.

“Ever since Modi assumed office, he has taken the initiative to actively develop India’s relationships with Japan, the US, and European countries in no time, in order to promote the country’s poor infrastructure construction and economic development. But his diplomatic moves last year have proven that he is a pragmatist, rather than a visionary,” wrote Hu Zhiyong. 

He further in his opinion piece added, “Modi has been busy strengthening India’s ties with neighbouring countries to compete with China, while trying to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for economic development created by China, as Beijing is actively carrying forward the “One Belt and One Road” initiative. Modi has also been playing little tricks over border disputes and security issues, hoping to boost his domestic prestige while increasing his leverage in negotiations with China.” 

“The ball is in India’s court to deepen the bilateral relations,” he said.

Talking about Indo-China bilateral ties, Hu expressed, “Due to historical feud and mutual mistrust that stems from geopolitics, the two sides have never established real strategic trust. Leaders from both China and India should not only strengthen mutual political trust, but also stick to a series of agreed principles and match their rhetoric with action. In light of this, Modi should no longer visit the disputed border region in pursuit of his own political interests, nor should he deliver any remarks that infringe on the consensus on bilateral ties. Meanwhile, the Indian government should completely stop supporting the Dalai Lama, and stop making the Tibetan issue a stumbling block to the Sino-Indian relationship.”

“When it comes to the economic ties, despite the fact that China has already become India’s largest trading partner, India’s trade deficit with China keeps rising sharply. New Delhi is reluctant to admit the widening trade gap is its own fault, nor is it willing to examine its own economic structure and the quality of its exports to China. Instead, it has been repeatedly accusing or directing its anger at China,” he wrote.

The piece further opined that the Indian government should ‘loosen up’ on the limits of cross-border trade with China, reduce the trade deficit, improve the efficiency of government administrations, and relax the visa restrictions, in order to attract more Chinese companies to invest in India. 

In addition, people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries are ‘far from enough’, it said. “People from both China and India lack the most basic mutual understanding and interactions,” he wrote.

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Enough is to much. Tibet is on its knees; gasping its last breath under the murderous yoke of Chinese political, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and personal oppression. After more than 50 years of inhuman degrading illegal occupation. With more than one million Tibetan men and woman, monks and nuns murdered. The genocidal destruction of Tibet's 4.000 year old culture goes on apace, with no let up. There is no relenting, the people employed by the Beijing politburo seem to enjoy torturing the Tibetan who might demand that a fundamental wrong be addressed. These occurrences are so numerous that no time goes by that an aggrieved Tibetan is not horsewhipped for demanding that a wrong be righted. Yes the illegal Chinese occupants of Tibet seem to take a great deal of pleasure out of causing unspeakable pain and suffering to our Tibetan Brothers and Sisters. Let us do something about eliminating it. It goes without saying that his holiness the Dalai Lama is right when he says China has a lot to learn from India. Being the most populous Democracy in the world, India is also among the oldest civilizations on earth. India is the country where the historical Buddha lord Shakyamuni chose to manifest and teach his doctrine of peace and love for all sentient beings. 60 odd years after Mahatma Gandhi put forward his doctrine of non violence or ahimsa, India is in pole position to help the Beijing Politburo become a normal worldly political machine, working for the benefit of its vast population and the world. The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, Is in fact the highest Lama In or outside of Tibet. To Tibetans and a sizable percentage of the billion or so people who practice Buddhism throughout the world he is the manifestation and face of the Buddha of compassion Avalokiteswara. When ''the Army Of The Peoples Republic Of China'' Illegally invaded Tibet in 1959 His Holiness The Dalai Lama, spiritual and political leader of seven million Tibetan people was threatened with assassination. He promptly left Tibet, escaping to India, where he has been in exile ever since. The Tibetan people at home and abroad, and indeed the world community of Buddhist, anxiously a wait his return to Tibet, when all the right conditions are in place. It is evident the criminal cabal of 27 military families who have ruled China for 66 years are a crumbling mass of instability. There is no getting away from the fact that the political infrastructure is in need of a completely new support system. ISIS are currently in the business of recruiting Chinese Muslims into it's remorseless army of murderers.This is another campaign for freedom from Beijing oppression that will be unlike the ''Tibetan cause'' unrelenting and bloody. So when the Beijing politburo is out of containment plans: The Dalai Lama is the only man. Reincarnation. Chinese political leadership and the Beijing politburo need the get real about the real Tibetan Panchen Lama. Already they have shot themselves clean in the foot in relation to the Dalai Lama and his future reincarnation. But i really think his holiness is calling the 'bluff' of the Beijing cabal who rule China. There is a mistaken belief among the least intelligent of these, that the politburo can determine when and where an incarnate Lama will magically appear. All the power in the world cannot influence this process. The Beijing cabal under Jiang Zemin utterly failed to influence the real incarnation of the 16th Karmapa. Later on they were even more blatant with the Panchen Lama; kidnapping the real one and replacing him with there own, it has not worked. The process that moves the ''Heavenly Mandate'' Such as the Dalai Lama and all the other incarnate Lamas into re-birthing position Is a determination influenced only by the Bodhisattva code of pure unadulterated conduct. It is an inviolable affair and cannot be contaminated by criminal henchmen for there own ends.. It is the height of absurdity that the atheistic Chinese cabal would be stupid enough to assume to claim jurisdiction over this closed, refined, personal and very spiritual process. They or anyone else who might hope to influence any of the incarnations are demonstrably arrogant and profoundly ignorant of what is involved. All the Chinese cabal need do is look to there own failed Panchen Lama choice. He is a failed entity entirely; because the ancient process of identifying the true incarnation was usurped. Arch bishop Desmond Tutu raised a few eye brows when he asked the Dalai Lama how many battalions of soldiers he had that the Chinese disposition towards him was one of nervousness. It is evident that the Beijing politburo have ran out of road regarding it's outrageous and nonsensical claim that Tibet was always part of China. A recent publication by a Chinese history professor of some considerable academic status, has stated that China's historical connection to Tibet is as recent as the 17th century. It is time for the cabal to fess up: The violent occupation of Tibet in 1959 was an illegal predatory act consonant with the invasion and dominance by one sovereign country IE China, over the smaller independent ancient Buddhist kingdom of Tibet. Mao Zedong always knew that farcical assertions with regards to Tibet being part of the motherland of China would in time come a cropper. The people are sovereign. But for Tibetans this kind of acknowledgement from the Beijing politburo is a long time coming. 65 years to be exact. So Tibetans who risk they're freedom, or worse still they're lives, continue to say to the rabble who have illegally occupied they're country and murdered they're brothers and sisters; for that length of time over one million Tibetans have died. It is time now for the Cabal of rabble to vacate the Tibetan autonomous Regions of the Plateau. The world knows that the Beijing politburo has been singularly unsuccessful in it's varied and very violent attempts to block all information channels carrying up to date news to Tibet regarding the current daily activity of His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama. Tibet's very own '' Heavenly Mandate '' Most people who like the Dalai Lama, understand that he is a short term Tibetan gift to the world. The Tibetans have really only loaned him out to the world, where his presence is badly needed. However his return to his homeland is awaited with much anticipation and his return will be greeted with typical Tibetan eclat. The Tibetan plateau will be awash with multitudes of multi colored gardens, much like the hanging gardens that populated

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