100 years of CCP: Tibetans narrate stories of China’s brutality

1 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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On the occasion of CCP centenary, Tibetans have opened up about Chinese brutality to NewsX. The Tibetans continue to fight for the cause of autonomy and freedom from China's stranglehold.

Today Xi Jinping celebrates 100 years of Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The day has been marked by many Tibetan protests against the Chinese illegal occupations and atrocities in Tibet. Sinicisation of Tibet is at its worst today under Xi Jinping rule. There are Tibetans who are being awarded and feted for toeing the politbureau line – Tibetan language, culture, religion has largely been effaced. Today many Tibetan activists and people narrate stories of how CCP killed & tortured them, how their homeland was snatched, what china is doing to Tibet and why world must rally with them.

It began in 1959 that Tibet saw mass exodus of the feeble Tibetans after china took over their land, their mineral rich territory and water sufficient country. The China controlled Tibet for the last 5 decades and more has seen ethnic cleansing of its local population, brainwashing of youth, rape, murder and tyranny, concentration camps, destruction of the Buddhist monasteries, effacing Tibetan language, religion and culture – replacing it with sinicised hegemony.

Today, as china celebrates with pomp and power its unabashed authoritarianism on the occupied territories, Tibetans speak out clearly in protests and fight for the cause of autonomy and freedom from the Chinese communist party’s stranglehold.

Tenzin Tsundue – a Tibetan activist speaking from a detention camp said “this peaceful protest is to raise our voices against the Chinese communist party which celebrates its 100th year of existence.” He added that India is facing huge threat both security and economic from China. He urged Indians to strongly respond to Chinese threats.

He said further “internationally many countries have fallen depended on Chinese trade and China is weaponing these bilateral trade relations to toe countries according to its will. China has become a threat to world peace yet nobody speaks directly about it because of high dependency on Chinese supply chains. It is time to start a collective international campaign against China who’s tyrannical government has single headedly organised the largest genocide in the world.”

In an interview with NewsX, when asked about the overture of the current Tibetan president – Penpa Tsering who’s in exile and has spoken about holding a dialogue with the Chinese authorities for a permanent resolution,Tenzin said “This is an expression of finding solution through dialogue and seeking autonomy. I feel Tibet government in exile needs to rethink its policies and start its campaign for true independence of Tibet. We all need to stand in unity against China for freedom and justice.”

Another prominent Tibetan voice Namgyal Dolkar – MP of Tibetan Parliament in Exile joined the conversation, “Chinese have called the violent exilation a peaceful liberation today. China claims that they brought developments to Tibet through infrastructure investment but the fact is they still continue to loot Tibet of its natural resources for its own economic prosperity and mass Chinese immigration into Tibet territory. They have exploited Tibetan strategic locations to focus on India. After all the false promises, we now know that China remains the biggest threat to Tibetan political system, culture, Buddhism religion and so on.” She bewares the world to not sign any bilateral agreements with China as it doesn’t uphold it. Tibet regrets the signing of bilateral 17 points agreement with China as they are not sticking by it.”

50 years after Tibet, Hong Kong has succumbed to its fate against the Chinese might. There is no freedom of speech and pro-democracy protesters are quietened down. The world is witnessing this all from the side-lines, without doing anything to ameliorate the situation. Talking about solutions, Namgyal said “it’s not only about the threat which Chinese government led by Xi Jinping places on occupied territories like Tibet but actually it is also about threat to free and democratic countries like India. Many times we hear about Chinese territorial acquisition and how they are barging into Indian Territory. So India and world should remain conscious of Chinese moves.”