2.20 lakh new beneficiaries to receive pension tomorrow by door delivery in Andhra Pradesh

30 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

State Government Of Andhra Pradesh National

On 1 August, the State Government of Andhra Pradesh would give home pensions to 61.28 lakh beneficiaries, including 2.20 lakh new pensioners who applied under YSR Pension Kanuka in July. Pensions w...

The State Government Of Andhra Pradesh will home deliver pensions on August 1, to 61.28 lakh beneficiaries, including 2.20 lakh new pensioners who applied in July under YSR Pension Kanuka.

Pensions would be door delivered on August 1 and the number of beneficiaries have increased by over two lakhs under YSR Pension Kanuka. The increase in number of pensions would cost Rs 51.67 Crore.

As many as 61.28 lakh beneficiaries will be receiving their pensions right at the doorstep through 2.68 lakh volunteers. In the month of August, nearly 6734 pensioners are to avail the pension through portability, and pension of 1458 have been put on hold as the beneficiaries were stranded in other places due to lockdown.

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Also, 1,52,095 beneficiaries who were unable to receive the pension from the past six months will be receiving the entire amount this month. In addition to these 1568 health pensions were also added to the list and the beneficiaries can avail the financial aid from August.

Apart from these, even the pensions that are being offered through various corporations like Brahmin corporation, Kapu, SC, ST, BC, EBC, and Minories corporations have been brought under YSR pension Kanuka and the beneficiaries shall receive their pension of Rs 2250 at the doorstep. Overall the State government is going to spend Rs 1478.90 Crore towards YSR Pension Kanuka for the month of August.

Amidst COVID-19, officials have started using geotagging technology replacing the biometric for safe distribution. To prevent the virus spread, the volunteers have used the photo-identification method instead of a biometric system and a separate app was used to capture the beneficiary picture through geotagging.

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