3 Indian Companies Feature in Top 100 ‘Global Most Loved Workplaces 2023’ List

3 June, 2023 | Nishtha Gupta

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Three Indian companies have featured in the top 100 'Global Most Loved Workplaces 2023' list. Dr Lal Path Labs has featured on the 15th position while Tata Communications is on the 50th spot in the...

Three Indian companies have featured in the top 100 ‘Global Most Loved Workplaces 2023’ list. Dr Lal Path Labs has featured on the 15th position while Tata Communications is on the 50th spot in the list. Certified Konsult has also made it to the top 100 by bagging the 76th position. The list contains 100 global companies where the USA is dominating with more companies from England. The list has also stated specific reasons for companies to feature in the top 100.

Newsweek, an American weekly in collaboration with benchmark research firm Best Practise Institute (BPI), has released its list of the ‘Global Most Loved Workplaces 2023.’ This ranking is based on BPI’s proprietary Love of Workplace Index analysis of employee data, as well as analysis of external public online ratings and direct interviews with and responses from company officials.

Dr Lal Path Labs from India has proudly secured the 15th position. Currently with 4,850 employees, Dr Lal PathLabs updated its values and held a month-long launch with workshops. Every month is a value month, and employees are rewarded and recognised for living that value. It began to emphasise mental health, holding seminars and eventually adding meditation sessions. All employees and their families, including their parents, are also covered by medical insurance through the company.

Tata Communications from India is on the 50th spot on the list with 13,378 employees. Tata Communications believes in “managers as coaches” and provides all necessary training and certification for employees to achieve their objectives. Notably, it also offers all employees and their families a global employee assistance programme for confidential, professional counselling; a paid day off per year to volunteer; and a childcare policy of six months paid leave for primary carers.

Certified Konsult from India, also bagged the 76th position with just 35 employees. Trust, quality, and client satisfaction are core values at Certified Konsult. The organisation places a premium on integrity, teamwork, accountability, and innovation. A collaborative environment is created by open dialogue and respect. Employees can advance professionally with career plans and performance management. Employees value the opportunity to make a difference and actively contribute to the development of a better society.

An England-based company, HLB International has secured the first position. HLB currently has 40,831 employees. HLB International distinguishes itself from competitors by being more approachable, and adaptable, and providing a better work-life balance. Its Global Diversity and Inclusion Council promotes clear and ambitious goals for gender diversity and the inclusion of underrepresented groups by hosting “Days of Understanding” to engage in open and honest discussions about diversity. The HLB Engage programme provides networking opportunities, development opportunities, and cross-functional projects for young and ambitious employees to gain exposure throughout the company. The HLB Skills Hub assists all HLB employees with upskilling and reskilling efforts and also serves as an internal marketplace for all types of global opportunities.

HLB is followed by Certinia, a company from the USA with 1000 employees. With offices in America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, this company elevates its employees’ voices; the top 100 performance leaders attend a leadership summit where they present ideas in the style of Shark Tank. Certinia provides opportunities for employees to engage and connect. Extensive PTO, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers, and even a gift-giving programme all aid in the maintenance of work-life balance and camaraderie.