35-feet whale appears on the shores of West Bengal’s Mandarmini

29 June, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Mandarmani Offbeat

This whale was found today morning on a beach in Mandarmini, West Bengal with blood gushing around its head and visible injuries on the tail.

An 11-meter  (35-feet) whale washed up on a beach at Mandarmani in West Bengal, 150 km from Kolkata today morning, in what locals claim is the first such event in the area. These marine animals are quite rare in India and are, therefore, considered an endangered species. The size of the whale suggests that it is most likely a minke whale. Although, this remains to be proven or denounced until the autopsy report comes out.

The portion of sand on which the dead whale’s lay had a layer of red liquid on it. Although, the blood was obviously the whale’s, what exactly caused the whale to draw blood is not yet known. As locals approached the beach to behold this shocking, tragic sight, they could also see several wounds on its tail and as such, it is presumed that it is the tail from where the blood dripped out.

It might be possible that the wound was caused by a whale hunting harpoon, high caliber gunshot(s), or even a harmful underwater structure that slashed its tail, though so far this is only speculation. Officials from the East Midnapore district rushed to the place, so did officials from the forest, wildlife, and fisheries departments.

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Mandarmani is a popular tourist site on the Bay of Bengal, close to Digha, another tourist destination in Bengal. Both places are currently off-limits to tourists because of the coronavirus outbreak. The autopsy report of the whale found in West Bengal is yet to come.

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