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5 Tips to help you Crack NEET without Classroom Coaching

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If you want to pursue a career in the healthcare field, you must take the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET). It is an all-India level eligibility test that acts as the gateway to the top medical colleges. But how should you prepare if you have decided to crack the exam without coaching assistance? 

Everything is online nowadays, and students deciding to forego coaching classes do not come as a surprise. Here are some tips to help you in your NEET Preparation without any classroom coaching and crack the exam with a good rank! 

Get the Syllabus 

Before you start your NEET prep, find out the syllabus and get it printed so you can keep it handy for reference. Understand the syllabus thoroughly and mark important or high weightage topics.

Jot down the concepts, and based on your understanding level, determine how much time you would need to learn the concepts. Break down all chapters into small topical units and start studying based on the weightage to gain proficiency in all subjects.

Create a Timetable 

When you plan to crack the exam without classroom coaching, then you should make a proper timetable at home to study for NEET that would keep you disciplined. With a timetable, you would be dividing the equal or necessary time to all subjects and topics based on the difficulty level.

Preparing for NEET doesn’t mean comprising on your meals and sleep. Nourish yourself by eating healthy and sleeping well because a healthy body can lead you towards success.

Focus on Weak Areas 

Once you have made the timetable, it is time to make a note of topics that you find particularly tough, so you can devise how much time you should allocate to each topic/chapter.

Start studying the difficult ones before you move on to the easier ones and concentrate on improving your weaker areas. Do not get caught up with just one topic, but rather focus on each topic equally.

Practice Regularly

If you want to crack NEET without coaching, then practising Mock tests and previous years papers are unavoidable steps in your NEET prep. 

Mock tests help increase accuracy, time management and enables better learning through practice as you get to examine your learnt concepts in a simulated environment. Therefore, take as many tests as you can before you sit for the actual exam.

Prevent Making your Preparations Cumbersome 

To dedicate their complete attention to the exam, students often quit their hobbies or daily activities. Doing so can decrease efficiency, stress up the brain, and reduce enthusiasm, thereby resulting in poor performance. You’ll be able to grasp and retain more information by maintaining a stress-free mind. Stay calm and make sure your goal is always in sight – and that is how you get through the top medical colleges in the country.


Mistakes are considered the cornerstone of success. They help you review your weaknesses by analysing critics and help you come up with a well-planned strategy for the upcoming test. So, work hard, be regular and sincere, and learn from your heart. The world is an ocean of opportunities, and you will definitely succeed!

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