CM Biren Singh hints at external involvement in ethnic violence in Manipur

2 July, 2023 | Priya Rani

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CM Biren Singh suggested that the violence appeared to be pre-planned

In a recent statement on Saturday, Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh hinted at the possible involvement of external forces or elements in the ongoing ethnic violence that has claimed numerous lives in the state. He expressed his belief that the situation seemed “pre-planned” but acknowledged that the exact reasons behind it remained unclear.

Chief Minister Singh emphasized, “Manipur shares its borders with Myanmar. China is also nearby. As much as 398 km of our borders are porous and uguarded. There are security forces deployed on our frontiers but even a robust and extensive security deployment cant cover such a vast area. However, going by what’s happening, we can neither deny nor vehemently affirm…it seems pre-planned but the reasong is not clear.”

Both the Central and state governments are actively working towards restoring peace in Manipur. Chief Minister Singh revealed that he had a phone conversation with his “Kuki brothers and sisters” earlier in the day, urging forgiveness and reconciliation. He assured the people of Manipur that every effort was being made, at all levels, to bring about peace and normalcy in the state.

He said, “We are making all eforts, at all levels, to restore peace. A few hours ago, I spoke with our Kuki brothers and sisters over the telephone that let’s forgive and forget; reconcile and live together like always have…The government has only tried to screen the people coming from outside in the wak eof the Myanmar turmoil and send them back once the situation improes. Our proirty is to restore peace and normalcy in Manipur.”

In an impassioned appeal to the people of the Northeast state, Chief Minister Singh stressed the importance of unity among all tribes. He firmly declared his commitment to preventing Manipur from splintering along ethnic lines and assured the public that there would be no separate administrative authority in the state. Singh pledged to make sacrifices to preserve the unity and integrity of Manipur.

The All Tribal Students Union (ATSU) march, which was called to oppose the inclusion of Meiteis on the list of Scheduled Tribes (STs), is where the ethnic violence in Manipur first broke out on May 3.

As the situation in Manipur remains tense, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s call for unity and his commitment to restoring peace have become crucial in addressing the ongoing ethnic tensions and paving the way for a harmonious future in the state.