Sunday, December 3, 2023

Vikash Gupta, Founder of Three Sixty, India’s leading leather brand forecasts decor trends

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Here are the Top Trends for 2023 decor trends in the home and interiors space:

Vikash Gupta Founder CEO Three Sixty Copy
Vikash Gupta, Founder of Three Sixty

1. Eco-Conscious Homes: The new lifestyle trends are here to stay and strongly reflect home interiors that are appealing but sustainable. This involves using eco-friendly raw materials with a focus on renewable or upcycled materials, as well as end products like furniture that can be passed on for generations due to their high quality and durability. The furniture range at Three Sixty uses premium leather as a raw material that is handcrafted with precision and comes in several hues that can be passed on from one family to the next.

Artemis Tall Leather Bar in Tan Copy

2. Holistic Interiors: The desire to dig deeper into the relationship between a home and the health and happiness of its inhabitants will dominate all interior decisions in 2023. This is directly linked to a person’s personality, style, and taste, as what he or she sees is what will affect their mood. This can be as small as accessories, wall accents, organizers, or furniture. Custom-made leather wall mirrors, a bold couch, a chic workstation, a beautiful leather bar, or even an eye-catching organizer can be someone’s visual delight.

3. Rich, Saturated, and Soft Hues: Furniture, accessories, and organizers in deep reds, browns, and greens will take the spotlight in 2023. However there is an audience for natural tones and earthy colours especially olive green and tan will be in.

Blue Leather Table Clock Copy

4. Right-Sizing – With the rise in condominiums, duplex homes and studio apartments based on the lifestyle of millennials, interiors need not be overwhelming but the right fit to the vertical or carpet space. Be it a lounge space, a bar area, bedroom or walls.

5. Multi-Purpose Interiors – We see that the next generation likes interiors that can be used for multiple purposes. A quirky trunk that can be a coffee or centre table, a side table that is so classy that it can fit in the living room as much as in the bedroom space, a beautiful leather candle holder with a lid that can be reused as a mini organiser.

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