Tuesday, August 9, 2022

‘Astrology is spiritual science’: Pandit Jagannath Guru Ji

Pandit Jagannath Guru Ji is the youngest astrologer of India. He has made 100% accurate predictions so far. He has received astrology as his family heritage and is fourth generational astrologer of his family. Pandit Jagannath Guru ji recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India A-List where shared his incredible journey into astrology, his strengths, and his prediction’s impact on the lives of people and so on.

Pandit Jagannath Guru Ji commenced by speaking about himself and his journey into astrology. He said “By profession, I never thought to become an astrologer. I was a college-going student who wanted to do something else but like my family traditions, I happened to be here. I started astrology at the age of 17 years. I started my career in astrology with support from my father and grandfather. It seems to be a blessed thing for me.”

Talking about his strength he said “My strength is very simple. My strength is that I believe in spirituality. Astrology is spiritual science where we can predict things that nobody can even imagine it. The main strength is nothing but confidence. I believe astrology is the biggest force that gives strength within you.”

Sharing about the impacts of his predictions on the lives of many people, he shared “Many people do come for their predictions and they show their horoscopes and many people who don’t have horoscope, I predict them through their face reading, palm reading and I do body vibrations as well. Many people come with their difficulties and sadness and go back with smiles. This keeps me motivated.”

Pandit Jagannath Guru Ji suggested how people can use astrology in their daily lives. He told “There is something you need to follow in your daily lives but there’s nothing you need to panic about. Whatever happens, it happens and whatever doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen. In astrology, there are daily, monthly, half-yearly and annual predictions as well. You need to believe in astrology in a positive way. It is something that pushes and motivates you to deal with situations. Astrology is things you can do you can’t do.”

Speaking about the youth’s reason to believe in astrology and how best they can utilise it. He said “Nowadays many youths are well connected with astrology as they are interested in astrology and interested to know their future as well. Youth are well motivated about astrology and this subject knits everybody. Astrology helps in decision making for future, it helps in your happiness and sadness and every way.”

When asked about how he predicts which also come true. Pandit Jagannath Guru Ji responded “I predict lots of things and I am so blessed that everything has turned out to be positive. I believe in prediction is something you want to be on point with. I do it very carefully. I see horoscope, do face reading and all things and certain astrological calculations before predicting.”

Talking about the reliability of astrology with regard to career, marriage, relationship, business and other issues, he assured that “Astrological predictions are always correct. When people are facing any problem it is indicated in astrology. Astrology might give you indications of what may happen in future and might indicate larger developments or changes in your life. To be honest no one’s horoscope is perfect.”

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