Thursday, September 29, 2022

Creative people are better problem solvers: Rob, Artist

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Rob recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In an exclusive conversation with NewsX, he shared his incredible journey in the field of art and craft, his engagements after the popular art and craft show, MAD, his experience of working both in television and digital space and so on.  

He started by talking about his journey in art and craft field after MAD. He said, “I have been around doing a lot of art and creative stuff. After MAD ended, I wanted to explore something new as I did MAD for almost a decade. As an artist it’s important to explore a new thing that’s how you grow and improve. I wanted to use everything I learnt over years creating content for television and apply elsewhere. I wanted to get into travel space and create something around art and taboo because nobody is exploring that. I also chanced upon YouTube and how digital platforms work. Now I have two YouTube channels with great arts community and following. I was also doing a lot of installations work. I created India’s first live travel art show.”

Comparing the two mediums – television space and digital space, he said, “They are completely different. The way you design content and the way people consume content on these two platforms is very different. TV has appointment kind of viewing while digital viewership is at your convenience. In digital space you have to create more content, do marketing, schedule and put it out. Digital has its advantages like you can connect with your audience, it’s flexible, a lot of freedom to choose and change your format.”

On being asked about MAD, he said, “It was an amazing show and I was also enjoying. Television works very differently. We shoot seasons. Every few months we would shoot whole bunch of episodes and over time, seasons after seasons, they had a big bank of these episodes like a library. Channels also repeat a lot of content, there’s lot of re-runs and that was happening over time. In kids’ space every year, they get new sets of audience as kids grow and move to other channels and younger ones shift here. So if you are putting out the same content for them they won’t even realize that it’s old content. The way I used to design my content is that if you look MAD today also it doesn’t seem dated. That was a big advantage the channel had with this show. Over time we both mutually agreed to move on and part ways.”

Being the front runner in content creation, he shared what is required by content creators today, he said, “Over the years, with all platforms out there, creating content has become very easy as they have very simple interface, provide basic but good tools that anyone can use and create content. So it has become easy for content creators to create content. Because of this easiness what has happened is people start imitating other people and somewhat become successful. But they need to realise that this success won’t last long unless you work on your skill set.”

He concluded by giving some tips to aspiring artists. He said, “It’s important to be creative people as they are better at problem solving. Spend a little more time in understanding art and invest time in learning it. You have to be constantly adapting and keep learning. Watch and read quality good content. Do something small every day.”

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