Lalit Bacchawat and Aman Bacchawat, Directors of Jainsoap joined for an exclusive conversation with NewsX for the NewsX India A-list series. They are known for revolutionizing the cosmetic care industry with their unique products.

When asked how everything started, Lalit Bacchawat who has been in this business for 49 years said, “The business was started by my father and we are maintaining it.”

Aman Bacchawat, speaking about the journey in this business said, “The journey has been amazing, I am the third generation. So if consider from 1971, it has almost been 50 years. We first started with soap. Then we entered into cosmetics, then pharma-business. From time to time we have entered into different segments.

Speaking about the key innovations that he brought to the company Aman shared, “Back in the 90s there were no machines, everything was handmade. There was a big steel vessel and the labours used to do everything. At that time the production capacity was 1000-2000 soaps a day, but now the production capacity is 50,000 soaps a day. We can have 2-3 different variants at the time.” The R&D of Jain Soaps is known for very unique formulations which are devised by keeping in mind the regularly updating consumer needs and customer demands on a variety of factors.

To his answer as to what makes Jain soap unique Aman Bacchawat said, “Quality. For 49 years we have maintained one thing, that is quality. As we are into contract manufacturing we have had many different clients from MNCs to local players. Jain soap is known for the quality and we won’t change that thing.”

“Our approach towards production is clear and focused. We believe in dispensing quality that is well researched and which meets the changing dimensions of consumer care. Only those products are pushed in the market that pass a series of quality checks and balances. Our prime ideation is towards ensuring a well-balanced and safe product, which counts as one of the most robust reasons for our noteworthy customer satisfaction and retention rate that crosses 90 per cent each year”, said Lalit Bachhawat.

When asked about the future plans regarding the company Aman said, “We have a huge vision for the company and we are taking it to an international level now. We are trying to expand to many different countries. We have started our export division also. Exports have a huge market, so our focus will be on the exports also.”

As the pandemic occurred companies were in turmoil. Lalit Bacchawat shared his experience thereof. He said, “We were busy making sanitisers.” Aman Bacchawat ensued, “By god’s grace our factory did not close even for a single day. We were working 24/7. There were no vacations at all. There were around 150 workers and employees. We took care of them, their family and their safety concerns also. We gave free sanitisers to many institutes, schools and other areas where we could give. We exported the sanitisers as well.”

By sharing his thoughts on the key learnings during this time Aman said, “What I learnt was that you can never win over nature. Somehow, somewhere it shows its strength.”

When asked about plans for expansion, Aman said, “We have two units and are expanding towards the third unit. It will be our biggest unit and will expand up to 70,000 sq. feet. Maybe by next month, we are going to start off with the conception also. So, it will be an international standard and we will make an industry that has international standard norms so that we can expand to 70-80 countries. We are exporting to 20-25 countries as of now but we will export to more as soon as the plant has started.”

Lalit Bacchawat, sharing his experience of working in the family business he said, “It is very good. We expanded beyond our expectations. Aman has helped in the expansion a lot.”

Advising young entrepreneurs who are entering into a business, Aman Bacchawat said, “I would just say one thing. Just do the business. There are no limitations. You can do anything. There are many limitations that you have to overcome but you just have to start.”