Navdeep Saini, an impeccable fast bowler and Indian Cricketer sat with NewsX for an exclusive interview. Talking about his journey in the past few months, Navdeep said that apart from what the world was facing, it’s been a great time for him as he had everything set up at his home and he also got to spend time with family.

Addressing the Covid-19 pandemic, he said that initially he was liking the lockdown but eventually it became difficult. “But slowly and steadily I set up everything at home like I set up my gym at home, I set up everything for running, drill. So things that are related to cricket, that could improve my bowling, I started doing all that and hence I didn’t miss these things much”.

In these times everyone’s fitness schedules are at rest but Navdeep on other L the hand is inspiring people with his 8 pack abs. From common people to Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, everyone praised Navdeep for keeping up with his fitness schedule. “I follow Christiano Ronaldo, looking at him I want to bring out my best version, the best version of Navdeep Saini”.

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Navdeep said that in the Indian Cricket Team, everybody works on their fitness a lot, so when a player gets into the team, he tries to work on himself too. “I get inspired when I look at them, I feel like should do a little more than my seniors are doing”.

The Indian cricketer is happy with the fact that IPL is happening this year as due to Covid-19, earlier, there were grey clouds around it. “I get to show my potential before top players from around the world, my primary focus is to play well for the team, country and the franchise”. Navdeep completed a year on August 3, 2020, with international cricket. “My T-20 debut was my dream debut because I became the man of the match in that match”.

Navdeep’s next goal is to claim the Test cap as he has performed great in both T-20 and One-day matches.
Giving a message to his seniors, Navdeep urged them to help deserving young talents since he was helped in the same manner. He makes short term plans, “as IPL is approaching, my goal, for now, is to play good for the team and deliver a good performance”. Taking about his long term goal, Navdeep said that he wants to debut in a test match. Apart from cricket, Navdeep is fond of cooking and bikes.

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