Travel Content Creator Radhika Sharma, widely known online as Radhika Nomllers, recently joined NewsX for an exclusive interview as a part of NewsX Influencer A-list. In the interview, she opened up about how she got into content creation and her experience in traveling and more. Read excerpts:

Speaking about her experience of creating travel-related content and how she manages to do so, she said, “I was actually working full-time. I worked full-time for three and a half years in a corporate setup. I was a business resource analyst, but that kind of job wasn’t working well for me. I quit my job back in 2018, started doing youtube and Instagram full-time. It has been a very interesting journey. I’ve been able to explore so much because of this and traveled outside. Ofcourse Covid came and there was like a huge full-stop and a huge hold in it. This has been majorly my journey. Now, I’m focusing on YouTube, creating videos on travel and trying to help people who are really looking to do budget travel and get into adventures and all sorts of stuff.”

When asked about how she manages to travel and keep up uploading content regularly, she said, “I try to manage both the things. Instagram is not that difficult. You can post everything on the go but YouTube takes a lot of effort because it’s a long format content, so you have to shoot a lot. You have to spend at least a day or two in editing, so right now I am looking to expand my team and hire a couple of people who can edit videos for me. For now, what I do is I try to manage my weekend in such a way that, let’s say, if I am travelling four days then at least there are two days of break in between. I can sit in some hotel or in my Airbnb and focus on editing and that storyline. If it’s a long term travel then I plan my videos or edit it well in advance so that I am at least consistent and posting weekly but at times I miss posting but then I try my best doing.”

Radhika went ahead to share her best travel experience till date and said, “I went to Maldives on my birthday and it was such a wonderful experience. The dive centre with whom I dived with, their name is Fulido and we had a underwater birthday celebration where they took me under water and opened the happy birthday card. There were sharks all around, manta rays and sting face, so it was amazing. I came back to my hotel and the hotel people decorated the entire room and everything, so that was something very special, which the locals of Maldives organised for me. This was very recent and my first international trip after two years because of all the Covid.”

Watch the entire interview on NewsX: