Thursday, September 29, 2022

‘I always focus on the positive things’: Payal Soni

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Payal Soni, a professional plus-sized fashion model, recently joined NewsX for a candid interview, for our special series NewsX India Influencer A-List. Below are the excerpts of the interview:

We opened the interview by asking Payal about the kind of content that she puts out for her followers, to which she said, “My content is, basically, about lifestyle.” She continued, “I also put content about some beauty products, but I endorse only the things which I am using, I won’t endorse something that I don’t use. I want to be very authentic. Whatever I am sharing with my audience, they should trust me for that. That’s how you build trust.”

The influencer then told us about the post which brought her fame on social media, “In 2016, I did a photoshoot about how I am comfortable with my body, and that’s how people started loving me and they started posting good things about me.” She added, “Obviously, you do get hate as well, but that doesn’t matter to me. I always focus on the positive things.” Explaining the idea behind the photoshoot, Payal said, “A curvy girl can also be sexy, she can also look hot, and she can be fabulous.”

Payal also shared her views about the changing landscape of modeling and how the industry has evolved, when it comes to body positivity, “It’s a slow process because the concept has come from outside. So, I feel this will take time but somehow unconventional models like me will get a chance to show more of what we have.” Soni also said, “Even designers are getting involved in this. Big designers are showcasing models who are on the heavier side. And people are loving that.”

The interaction concluded with a question about our guest’s growth on social media, to which she responded, “It was a year before I could monetize my content. But for modeling, I started getting opportunities as soon as  I started. My first brand was really big for me, and that’s how I started.” She revealed that people got to know about her, after the said modeling gig, and that’s when offers for paid collaborations started coming her way. “I started my page in 2016. I was not counting my numbers on Facebook, and one day, I was just seeing my Facebook, and I saw it was 2 million. And it was a big deal for me,” she further said.

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