Comedy Influencer Meethika Dwivedi, popularly known as The Sound Blaze on Instagram, recently joined NewsX for a candid chat as part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In the exclusive conversation, Meethika opened up about her journey to fame on social media, reaching 2 million followers on Instagram in one year and much more. Read excerpts:

Speaking about her journey to fame, Meethika said, “When I released my first reel in September, I had 1k followers. After about 2-3 reels, I didn’t gain a lot of followers. To gain 1K followers, it took me about a month. After that, we grew suddenly. In November, I had 2k followers and by December, I got about 10K followers. My channel was growing at such a rapid pace. From there, it took off.”

When asked what prompted her to make reels and not focus too much on studies, Meethika responded, “It wasn’t about not focusing on studies, I didn’t used to study that much. I am not a studious kid. During lockdown, I had a lot of spare time so I thought of making reels. I thought once I get 2-5K followers, I will get popular among the kids in school and become cool. I started with that thought but I didn’t anticipate that I would become so cool that I would gain 2 million followers.”

Talking about her first reel that became viral, Meethika shared, “The first reel that I made, garnered 1 million views. That reel was on relatives. The reel that became very popular and got me a lot of fame was ‘Bajre Da Sitta’. It is also my favorite and was liked by a lot of people.” Explaining the concept of the video, she added, “The video was a roast video about the women who were making the reels on the song Bajre Da Sitta. It was about how they will continue to make reels on Bajre Da Sitta until people start getting nightmares of Bajre Da Sitta.”

Speaking about how her mother is her biggest fan and supporter, Meethika said, “My parents do not weird at all. My mom is my biggest fan. If I put any story, even if I am sitting right beside her, she will watch the same story 50 times. I think half of my views are from her. She watches my videos so many times and supports me a lot. She never stopped me from doing anything. If she hadn’t supported me, I might have not been allowed to make reels.”

On dealing with the trolls and negative comments, Meethika said, “The negativity started when I had hit 1 million followers. Before that, I was not trolled. Everything was going smoothly. I thought that this is amazing. I did not know that there would also be some toxic people out there. Suddenly, I felt that some people put the tag of ‘Cringe’ on me. I felt very bad at that time but I was trolled so much that I got 1.6 million followers. When I observed this, I thought to myself that someone should troll me because that is only increasing my reach. Now, it doesn’t hurt me. As far as the comments are concerned, I feel the one who is leaving negative comments, is frustrated by their own life. They want to vent out so let them do it.”

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