She is a Gen-Z content creator and her relatable content is popular with the youth. Tarini Shah already has an enormous Instagram followers count of 248k, and it is growing with each passing day. We hosted Tarini for a frank conversation for our latest series, NewsX Influencer A-List. Below are the excerpts from the interview:


We began the interview by asking Tarini about her journey down the path of content creation. Tarini replied, “I started creating content around two years ago but I really started focusing on content during the pandemic and since lockdown, I felt a surge of people on social media just looking for content.” She added, “I was lucky enough to be there at that time creating content on the other side of it and that’s actually what kickstarted my career.” This was the point when Tarini realized that the creative field was her calling.

On being asked about how she juggles between her college life and her influencer life, Tarini told us, “Sometimes, it does get really, really overwhelming because assignments have deadlines and collaborations have deadlines and managing these two deadlines does get a little stressful,” said Tarini when we asked  Tarini appreciated the efforts of her professional team who help her in keeping up with the tight deadlines. She also expressed gratitude towards her sisters from whom Tarini learnt the valuable skill of time management. Ms Shah further said, “It requires a good to-do list to make sure that both the things go on properly because they are equally important to me. Education is important and content creation is something I really love doing and it’s kind of like my job.”

We then asked Tarini if she thinks content creation can be taught as part of a course and if she plans on taking up the craft as her full-time profession. “I am studying Bachelor in Management Studies and I’m doing marketing, and content creation does turn out to be digital marketing in one way when we start doing brand collaborations, so we do have this tiny thread that connects them both but I feel I’m more inclined towards creating content,” said Tarini. She believes that content creation teaches a plethora of different skills which can be applied in various fields. She concluded the thought by saying, “…content creation can definitely end up being a course because the monetary aspect is there and this is just the start. There are so many content creators who are coming up in the pandemic, so the future of it looks massive to me. The brands are coming to lots of influencers with various campaigns because there is a direct connection between the people and the influencer.”

Our next question to Tarini was about how she maintains her mental health in the middle of a demanding lifestyle. Tarini answered, “I feel talking to people does definitely help- my family, my sisters, my mentor, and my friends.” She continued, “Just talking to them about what’s going on in my life and because of this I feel like I am actually living my life like I’m living my dream life, but I also lowkey want to do those 19-year-old teenager things that sometimes I miss out on, but just by talking to people around me helps me live my life through them a little bit.” This, according to Tarini, helps her keep a calm mental state amid a healthy work-life balance. 

For our last question, we asked Tarini about how she deals with body image issues on social media platforms, to which stated, “…it takes a while to put those insecurities out in the public with so many eyes watching you and you are worried about the opinions of people which is also very natural to do so but seeing other people on social media doing it encourages you as a person as well.” She continued by saying, “That’s what I am trying to do, slowly and steadily one step at a time trying to put myself out there, just the way I am.”

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