Thursday, September 29, 2022

I wanted to explore space of getting casualness and honestness in music: Gajendra Verma

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Gajendra Verma is a self-made artist who has won our hearts with his authentic, heartfelt tunes, and he has come a long way since his 2008 debut album ‘Emptiness.’ He is the voice behind the hits, that have been a part of our solitude playlists, like ‘Tera Ghata’ and ‘Mann Mera’.

Singer and music composer Gajendra Verma interacted with NewsX as part of our special series NewsX India A-list, for his newly released single ‘Na Hona Tumse Door’. The pop sensation is synonymous with authentic romantic music and heartfelt renditions.

“It is a romantic track that has a peppy twist to it, with a lot of rhythms,” is how the artist described the heartfelt composition in his own words. Further speaking about the idea behind the song, he said, “I wanted to present a romantic song on which you can move on or groove on.” Gajendra added that people are getting the idea behind the song and “they like this experiment.”

On being asked about the lyrics of the song, Gajendra said, “The lyrics, basically, suggest what I wanna do with someone I love, the small things- just walk on an empty lane, and just lie down under the stars. That’s what the lyrics are all about, the small things which you do.” He explained the concept behind the cinematography and said, “When we were planning the video, we didn’t want to take any storyline in it because the story was already there. It was about a song that two people who are already in love and they are spending the most amazing time with themselves.”

Describing his life during the lockdown, the singer said “It was lots of different emotions and lots of ups & downs in the last one-and-a-half year. I think it’s probably because we never before gave so much time to ourselves and to those around us.” He added, “I see it as a time where I got to deconstruct a lot of things in my life and then assemble it back again. I was just in a phase where I was continuously releasing songs not thinking about what exactly I want to portray.” Moreover, focusing on the other positive outcomes of the lockdown period on his personal life, Gajendra said, “After 12-13 years, I got an eight-month stretch with my family. That was wonderful. That was one of the best things about this period.”

Answering if this feels like a dream come true, the singer said, “Yes, it does look like a dream come true. The dream is a lot bigger than this actually, but I am gonna be there because I think I am on the right path.” He followed it up by saying, “I think what really clicked with people and with my music is that I was very honest with my approach.”

He concluded, “I have always heard a lot of western music, and if you see the approach to western music is very casual and honest. Very few songs will be there which will have a poetic or metaphorical approach to them, and that’s something I have always followed. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like the poetic, metaphorical things which we do in India. That has its own beauty. There was a space of someone getting that casualness and honestness in music, in lyrics especially. I wanted to explore that space.”

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