Sunday, October 2, 2022

If you are in love, nothing can stop you: Juli and Arjun on being an intercultural couple

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The very famous YouTube couple, Juli and Arjun joined NewsX for an exclusive interview as part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In the fun chat, the intercultural duo opened up about their relationship and the kind of content they make. The couple also gave an authentic suggestion to the other intercultural couples out there.

Our first question to the YouTubers was about the type of content they create for their viewers. Ajun replied, “We are daily bloggers. We record whatever happens in our daily life and make a vlog on it. We record how our day started and how it is ending. It’s basically the highlights of our lives.”

When asked if there is a lack of representation of intercultural couples on big screens or streaming platforms, Juli said, “Well, yes definitely. I watch a lot of Bollywood movies and I haven’t seen any inter-cultural couples there. On the internet as well, it is very rare. With time it is surely increasing but it is not very general yet.”

We then asked how do they address sensitive issues related to each other’s cultures and traditions in their daily vlogging routine. Juli stated, “We both are adults and we try to talk about every point which we are not clear about. We try to compromise as well. I tend to realize a lot that due to India’s history with the Britishers, there is a mindset that all white people are Britishers. I tell him all that I feel and he understands me well.” ” As content creators when we show our daily lives, we receive various comments from our viewers. Some say that I should have married an Indian girl who would make tea for me.”, Arjun added. Juli went on to say that a foreigner wife is as capable as an Indian wife. ” It isn’t that I care any less about my husband than an Indian wife would”.

Speaking about the positive reactions that the duo gets from their audience, Arjun expressed, “About 99% of the reactions are positive. We ignore the 1% and also, one needs to grow a thick skin when they are on social media.” Juli added, “We are also happy to inspire people. We have people coming towards us and sending us messages saying that they have a foreign girlfriend and asking for tips to convince their parents. Now, a lot of families see that it works and there is nothing weird in being an intercultural couple.”

The couple then revealed their journey of meeting each other. Juli said, “We met in Dubai. I was floating in the sea and Arjun came up to me. We had a conversation and then he asked for my number, which I did not give. By the end, I ended up taking up his number and that’s how our story began. We lived in Dubai for 2 years and then we shifted to India.”

We ended the conversation by asking the duo to say a few words to all the intercultural couples out there who want representation too. Arjun said, “If you are in love, nothing can stop you. Do not listen to others, they will always try to confuse you and give you different lectures. One thing you should ask yourself is, do you see yourself getting old with this woman? Can you spend the rest 50-60 years of your life with this human? Just follow your heart.”

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