That Indian Chick recently joined NewsX for a candid chat as part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In the exclusive conversation, she talked to us about the mystery behind her name, her journey so far, gaining recognition on social media and much more.

Speaking about her decision to keep her name a mystery, That Indian Chick said, “For me, it was always about creating an online identity. I’m larger than life. I wanted to be larger than life and i wanted to be a title. As a kid, I always wanted a stage name. I find stage names very cool and mystery behind it, so part of it was theatrics and drama in me. Second is, of-course, the privacy. I may not seem like but i’m very private person. I am very guarded about me and my family. On the internet, everything has digital footprint. If someone knows my name, they will know my name, where i work etc. There have been instances where I have spoken up about these things. People have found where i worked, so it’s really scary situation. If you like my content, if you resonate with it, you don’t need to know my name. You just need to enjoy what I’m providing for you and that’s it. “

Talking about her journey on social media so far, she said, “I started in school when there was a whole British YouTuber school craze going on. It was so fascinating for me because it was the whole world, which was so out of my reach. It was fascinating. I always wanted to be an entertainer. I didn’t know what i wanted to do but just loved making people laugh everywhere i went. I thought there is a great place for myself out there and it started with that. It was nothing about audience building, money making or whatever. It was just a hobby and it was just something that I really enjoy doing. Then I came to college and I started experimenting theatre in college, so that translated to again YouTuber and I started doing sketch comedy. After that, I started working professionally working for a company, where I had to make videos. Again that changed quite a lot, because there I was suppose to review films but i wasn’t supposed to say anything bad about really shitty films. I was just like dying to tell people it was really bad, so then I started taking all frustration on my channel by posting actual honest movie reviews on my channel and that’s how my content kept evolving.”

When asked what do her fans call her when they spot her in public places, That Indian chick revealed, “It was inside joke, where I used to refer to myself as Gigi Hadid in jokes and people took it very seriously. They actually started calling me Jiji, which is like term for sister. When you go to Rural India, that is the term for sister. And that is how I see myself, that cool older sibling who gets you out of trouble, stands up for you and tells you that I also have been through this same thing.”

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