Sushmita Sen recently joined NewsX for an exclusive interview as a part of NewsX India A-list. In the exclusive interview,  the actress opened up about the latest collection of Zoya, her favourite piece from the collection and her thoughts on how jewellery adds on the personality of the person among many other things. Read excerpts:

Speaking about the latest collection of Zoya and what made her come on-board for it, Sushmita said, “Zoya and its team, that I love, not the first time I’ve been a part of Zoya’s launches, in the past and beautiful ones for that.  I think it’s just an old connection, an old trust and a beautiful collection that brings me here and of course it’s house of saturn. It just makes you feel like you belong to one of the most beautifully thought connection with India. It’s beautiful. It has unchanged elegance.”

Talking about the timing of the collection, she said, “Not just the festivities and the change of season but also nearing the change of a year. That always brings in a sense of rejuvenation and hope for better times. I think when you celebrate that and of course, needless to say, no matter which part of India you are in, people are usually getting married around this time now so, that also adds to it. I think it is a very special time of the year. I was born in it, I think it is lovely.”

Sharing her thoughts on how jewellery adds on a person’s personality and overall looks of the person, she expressed, “Jewellery is a very personal thing, much like style. Different people prefer different things. My sense of elegance is timeless. It has to be pieces that you can wear not just once in your life and never be able to wear it again. The way I see it is, if I did ever get married, I’d still wear jewellery that I can actually repeat rather than something really big and different that i never get to wear it again. That’s my take on jewellery. Of course with different people, it’s different but yeah, it is got to be timeless. It got to be something that is unforgettable for you. it marks a chapter in your life that you can celebrate often.”

When asked about her one special piece of jewellery, she said, “The first solitaire that I ever bought for myself. The whole world has been accredited for it, which is a mistake but I bought that for myself and saved up a long time to get it but it had to be 22 carats.”