Manavi Rai, got into an exclusive chat with NewsX for its special segment NewsX A-list. She has a desirous profile with a background in sociology, fashion and designing. While dividing her time between Delhi and Toronto, she maintained touch with her humanitarian side. The entrepreneur re-established a shaky haveli in Bhati village located in South Delhi which is over 100 years old. As a yoga and meditation upholder, the Vastu principles of the haveli extremely fascinated her. She believes that the same would keep her connected to the five elements of nature.

In the month of January, Manavi started a ‘dog langar’ in the same village, turning her love for dogs and animals into a viable idea. When dogs were prone to sickness and weren’t feed enough amid the Covid phase and almost all animal centres had given up, she stepped up and provided them with proper treatment and shelter. Not only did she help the voiceless beings, but also generated jobs for people during this crisis.

Although she faces a few problems like finding the right people for the job, raising optimum funds, spacing and transportation facilities, she manages the place quite well. Also, she was enlightened about our country’s poor animal rescue system when she saved an injured cow at 2am with the help of 25 others.

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Adding to her great deeds, Manavi also successfully preserved a natural reserve in Nala, a town in Jharkhand from being infiltrated by the locals. When asked about her future plans in this field, she replied that she hasn’t really achieved anything yet and this is just the beginning of her long journey to pay the environment back. Her life is devoted to ‘seva’ as of now and she also aims at opening an around-the-clock hospital for animals. She mentioned that her fashion career has taken a back seat and is looking forward to lecturing at NIFT in October and November, where she is a guest lecturer.

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