In an exclusive conversation, as a part of NewsX India A-List, Alboe, Music Producer & DJ, spoke about his passion for music and said,” I have been a musician all my life I think, I started off my childhood learning how to sing and how to play the tabla and as slowly grew older I got into a lot of rock and different aspect of music. I kept up with it and it was just the thing by the time I was 25, I was certain that music is the passion I have and I would like to pursue. That’s basically me in and the origin of the Alboe project as a producer.

Vedant Chandra or Alboe (A little Bit of Everything) is a New Delhi based singer-songwriter, music producer and DJ. Alboe, who has been a regular on the Delhi electronic dance music circuit has been developing his “live” alter-ego for the last couple of years with numerous independently released tracks and performances. This year he has released his debut 10-track melodic electronica album, The Painter on 23rd July.

Talking about his influences, Alboe said “I guess it’s all the influences I had over a time and the most prominent in today’s day and age in being the modern-day electronic producers that actually perform around the world, we are talking about the great says like the Avici. Artists like him really either put me toward electronic music but my training, on the other hand, was more with the Indian elements of music, the tabla, the congo, Indian classical style of fusion music and so all my influences and taste v/s my training combined lead to a fusion electronic sound. Wherein, the music is western and the language is English but there is a lot of Indian element to it as well.

Commenting on how they get the name of Alboe, he added, “Alboe was an attempt to encapsulate the fusion element of my genre and it’s a short form for ‘A Little Bit Of Everything’. Tomorrow I can produce any genre music and I think it would come under Alboe to keep things open-ended. I really like the acronyms well and just thought to do with it.

Explaining how he feels about his first album, “It’s my first album, it’s my debut album and the first large-scale project that I have released. The album is called ‘The Painter’ and so far it has been four days since it realizes and it’s doing really well and it’s out on all music platforms. The album in a sense is a combination of all things that have been taught to me and influenced me in terms of music and it’s sought of brings out my taste as well.”

“It’s more dancy a bit disco, and melodious. so the album shows me in my raw form and I hope to do progress from here and that’s why it’s called ‘The Painter’. People can envision certain shapes while eating food or think of certain colours while listening to certain music, hence the whole album is based on that concept and we attempt to blend in colours with the sound in this album,” Alboe added.