Shraddha Gurung is a beauty Influencer who promotes body & skin positivity through her content. Shraddha joined us for an exclusive interview as a part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In the interview, she tells us about her journey of becoming an influencer and an inspiration for thousands. She also tells us about how she managed to balance her full-time job with content creation. Below are the excerpts from the interview

When asked about her journey and how far does it takes her in life, she said, “I have been a content creator for over six years now, the first three years I spend working with a nice company, where I was producing where I was the talent, where I was doing a lot of things behind scenes, and post that I have been just an independent creator, a full-time creator for last three years.” She added that “it’s been quite an interesting up and down sort of journey.”

She gives us insights about working full-time and having to create content at the same time and how to manage all the things properly. Shraddha said, “I started with a full-time job because I kind of knew that this is where I should be. It felt right when I joined the company because it is quite challenging.” She added, “I’ll be very honest. It’s very challenging doing a full-time job with anything else involved, not just content creation and even to follow just a hobby, I am pretty sure you guys work crazy hours especially on news channels like yours.”

For our next question, we asked Shraddha how she manages to keep up with new trends and how she reacts to these trends, she answered, “I feel like the most stressed person in the world at the moment because the job’s already very dynamic, there is no guarantee as to what is going to work tomorrow and then it is also important to keep up with the foundation of what you had started with,” She continued, “so I do feel the pressure all the time, I am not gonna lie, I keep saying it on my social media as well, these trends are really affecting the way I work because it’s not about your work anymore it’s a lot of just plain entertainment in a very small format,”

As she was asked about being real with her content and being transparent with the viewers about body positivity, she replied with a smile, “Being authentic is actually the easiest thing to do because when you are pretending and when you are producing this image of you online, you can only do it so much and if you can actually do it like full-time, it’s a lot of work, so the best possible way to keep yourself sane and keep it real is to just be yourself good universally, you don’t have to put on a facade because then it doesn’t differentiate us from any other person, like influencers are relevant because people will find them relevant and that’s how we came into being.”


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