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We want people to understand that doing CA is not difficult: Dhawal Purohit

EdTech influencer & Professor Dhawal Purohit recently joined NewsX for an exclusive interview as a part of NewsX Influencer A-list. In the interview, he tells us about his journey, from where he started his journey and more. Read excerpts:

Speaking about his journey so far, Dhawal said, “I started my journey from a very small house. I have a very poor background. My father was a milkman. I still remember before attending my final CA classes I used to go and deliver milk at 6 to 7 houses. From there, I used to attend lectures. I remember starting from there. My father had been delivering milk. I was always into one fact that these big houses, where my father deliver milk, will be theirs. I want ensure that one day, I will gift my parents a house. I want to make sure that my parents leave that life. From there, I was very clear that I have to become something in life and that’s where my focus towards education increased. I became a Chartered Accountant at the age of 22. Since then, I was studying by myself, I realised that there are so many things we can do in the education system. That’s the best way we can help or give back to the nation.”

He added, “I cleared at the age of 22. From the very same day that I qualified, I started teaching aspiring C.A students. Since then, this is the journey. I am teaching C.A students since last 10 years. For past 8 years, I was working somewhere but then I realised that if I really want to make the education system change, then might as well I get out and start my own venture. I got all teammates, like minded professors and we came together. It was a tough journey. We were first not to start but we were very clear that come what may, we will be on it. We will make sure that we are there for the students and started Ednovate.”

When asked about how he and his Ednovate is helping young aspirants to become C.A, he said, “One big thing Ednovate started is to wash out this myth, which you are actually saying about the C.A students. Every time somebody is caught about being a chartered accountant, why is it always put up that it is the toughest degree. Why don’t we understand that it is not being tough, it is about understanding your concepts clear. It is about getting those right teachers. Once you know your concepts clear, it is like any other exams. Yes, it is challenging. I would not say it is not challenging. At Ednovate, one thing that we try to turn the table. We want people to understand that doing C.A is not difficult.”

Check out the entire interview here:


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