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Working hard and keeping a positive mindset, Mr Pulin Vaidhya’s mantra to sail through the pandemic

Quite recently, Mr. Pulin Vaidhya, Managing Director of Aztec Group, Fluids and Machinery Pvt Ltd joined NewsX for an exclusive interview. Mr Vaidhya is a first time entrepreneur and his company deals with the production and sales of printers all around India. Recognizing an increasing demand in the market for cost-friendly solutions in relation to CIJ products; the company sought to provide necessary remedies through their business.

Aztec as a company is a renowned manufacturer, trader, exporter as well as distributer of CIJ Printers, Fluids and other related services. The goods and services are used in variable data, coding and marketing systems as well as markings on final products. With a good financial position and an experienced R&D department, the company assures quality and increased shelf life.

Upon asked about the functioning of the company during the global pandemic the world is facing and whether they have opened services to customers, Mr Pulin gave a positive response that they have availed services to their customers without charging them during these difficult circumstances.

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He also revealed that coronavirus has affected their business but the company is resilient and working tremendously with essential care keeping in mind the health precautions. Customers are in regular contact with the company’s employees through virtual platforms or telecommunication services. Moreover, the employees have been receiving internal trainings provided by the company to keep themselves updated and develop their soft as well as technical skills. Through working hard and keeping a positive mindset, the company has been sailing through the pandemic and has not lost a single customer associated with them.

When asked about the practice of being ‘Aatmanirbhar’ and motivating others to produce and use indigenous products, the Managing Director had a lot to say. Being a made in India company, Aztec aims to lay a major emphasis on their in-house manufacturing facilities. They have been researching on various countries’ manufacturing processes and have tried adapting their work accordingly while keeping in mind that India’s culture and style of working is unique from other countries.

Mr Pulin also raised an important point that the labour of our countries should not be only seen at a price value but their skills and education should be also taken into consideration. He claims that by encouraging labour, development of our country’s manufacturing sector will soon happen. He also says that in India, the cost of raw materials is high and the labour efficiency is at an all time low; and we should be working on that.

When asked if he has any expectations from the government, he states that the government sector has to work on manufacturing facilities in India. The government focuses more on businesses that lay emphasis on soft skills. Ultimately, the technological and manufacturing companies often get sidelined and seldom given any attention. He wishes that the government take essential measures for companies in the technological sector of India.

Upon asked to give his opinion of MSME sectors, he jokes that they are the middle class of the whole industry. In his opinion, he says that investors are more inclined to invest in start-ups as well as app-based companies. MSME sectors have a major problem in the capital investment and by only looking forward to software-based companies, they often forget about technical and manufacturing units.

When asked for his advice for people that want to be a part of manufacturing sector, he claims that there is a lot of potential of manufacturing, especially in India. There are many tool based and electronic companies flourishing in the nation. Yet, he sees a major gap in the demand and supply. He also confirms that while our country has a lot of goods available, people are still dependent on the neighbouring countries for their supply. If worked hard in achieving to develop a good company, these obstacles can be easily tackled, he advised.

Finally, we asked about what keeps him motivated during difficult times and his success mantra, he claims that by working hard and being dedicated to it with precise planning of everything, one can achieve a lot. He also shared that he uniquely believes that he finds it better to be at the second position rather than the first, as there is always room for more hard work and improvement.

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