A Political Leader With Great Values: Srimaan Ramachandra Raja

2 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

Srimaan Ramachandra Raja Opinions

Srimaan Ramachandra Raja is a firm believer of politics with a purpose. He does not really believe in blindly telling people what they are supposed to do, without any proper logical reasoning.

In India, politics is a very complicated matter, and only the advanced individuals are provided with the opportunity to become true politicians who have positive values in life. However, we have certainly been lacking in some leadership qualities because we not only see a 10% inflation, which is absolutely terrible for our economy, and also a rise in overall world loan. with no proper reforms, there is a downward trend for most political leaders these days since they win the majority only for the sake of themselves and not for the sake of improving the lives of so many citizens. However, it is truly a bliss if you have found a true political leader who not only bosses others around, but also helps in the particular management and leadership roles.

Srimaan Ramachandra Raja is an individual who has achieved this place with a burning need to only commit and work for others, accomplishing greatly in social values and service values. According to him, he cannot accomplish this goal if he does not stand out and undertake the most difficult activities. After all, ruling is not easy, never has been, and leading is even more difficult. With exceptional values, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja hails from a very outstanding political background, with years of experience and a strong holding in his field.

To be exact, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja was born on 22nd February 1999, in rajapalayam, a town in the foothills of western ghats known for their own special breed of dogs, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Since the very beginning, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja has been very keen on receiving education and learning more about the different instances of life. He successfully passed with flying colours from Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Very soon, he decided on receiving his undergraduate degree from Christ university, and finally moving to amity university for completing his higher education in MBA. Only recently Srimaan Ramachandra Raja managed to get his bachelors degree in 2019, and his MBA in 2021, this is a lot for a young individual since a trend has been observed among the younger generation about gap years and missing out valuable time in their lives. Srimaan Ramachandra Raja was always future oriented and he knew that wasting time is not going to get him anywhere.

All his life, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja has been a constant supporter of true politics with a purpose, he does not really believe in blindly telling people what they are supposed to do, without any proper logical reasoning. He has even spoken out about a number of social issues in assistant organisations and foundations that are usually supporting non profit organisations. This ultimately led him to finding his very own NGO called Shree Welfare Foundation, aiming to help out the poor and needy.

Indeed, it has been noted that Srimaan Ramachandra Raja has even come along with a very innovative group of younger people to provide for immunity boosters for more than 1500 local people in his hometown when the pandemic broke out. This activity was even aired on Satyam news, a well known prestigious news channel in Tamil Nadu. Indeed, the very first party that he joined was BJP, supporting shree Sunil Yadav of New Delhi constituency in Delhi assembly election 2020. It was an outstanding experience for him since he had to learn more about how politics actually works all over India, in a wider scale, through the capital itself. This would certainly help him out in the future a lot calmer now that he was becoming well acquainted.

One of his biggest accomplishments has been being invited by the retired joint secretary of the Lok Sabha for parliamentary sessions, it was more than prestigious for him to have had such invitations from people in accomplished posts. Learning from the very best political leaders, we expect a lot from Srimaan Ramachandra Raja. Soon enough, he got elected to Congress and got the opportunity to operate from a high ranking role.

According to him, politics is for the people and from the people, and provided the opportunity, he is certainly going to serve everyone with utmost care and concern. Development and advancement are his main goals, keeping the citizens in mind along with their particular demands and needs.

Now we know that what a true political model should be like, we have to give it up for Srimaan Ramachandra Raja.