Sunday, December 10, 2023

“A question of principles and interests,” says India’s Foreign Secretary on the country’s stance on Ukraine

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On Monday (local time), newly appointed Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra addressed a press conference at the conclusion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first leg of his Europe visit, saying that India’s position on the ongoing war in Ukraine “abundantly takes care of our principles as well as our interests.”

In answer to a question on “what India’s value space considerations are in this war (in Ukraine),” the Foreign Secretary made the statements.

“We have repeatedly advocated for a quick and early suspension of hostilities, as well as a diplomatic and dialogue-based settlement path, since the beginning of the crisis. These, I believe, have been the key foundations of our policy, which we have expressed numerous times “According to Foreign Secretary Kwatra.

“Principles, values, and interests are all issues that need to be addressed. I believe that, in the end, it comes down to balancing ideals and interests, and I believe that our approach adequately protects both our principles and our interests “Added the Foreign Secretary.

The Foreign Secretary also responded to a question about Russian oil imports, emphasising that India’s imports are a small fraction of what the rest of the world buys from Russia.

“In terms of the oil embargo, if you look at the actual situation on the ground, I believe India’s oil imports from Russia are probably a small fraction of what the rest of the world imports from Russia,” Foreign Secretary Sushma Swaraj remarked.

A number of bilateral documents were also signed between the two countries, including a 10 billion euro new and additional development assistance to India until 2030, triangular development cooperation, migration and mobility partnership agreement, and collaboration on green hydrogen and renewables, among others, according to the Foreign Secretary.

The briefing took place shortly after the conclusion of PM Modi’s formal schedule in Germany, which included a private dinner hosted by German chancellor Scholz for the Prime Minister.

PM Modi also met with Chancellor Scholz today in a bilateral meeting. This was Chancellor Scholz’s first public appearance since taking office in December 2021.

Key areas of bilateral cooperation as part of the entire strategic partnership, as well as regional and global events, were discussed.

He went on to state that India looks at the issue of Russian oil imports “from the perspective of energy security,” and that this is how other countries do as well.

Foreign Secretary Kwatra began the briefing by summarising PM Modi’s visit to Germany, which included participation in the Inter-Governmental Consultations and interactions with business leaders alongside German chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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