Sunday, December 10, 2023

A true gem of the Indian entertainment industry- Arman Khan

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Arman Khan is a name well-known when generally successful people are brought up. His biggest claim to fame is being an extraordinarily talented individual, who is applying his talents to not only provide for himself but also to contribute to society and educate others. Before we get to know more about his individual roles in three different industries let us first delve into his childhood and understand what kind of environment pushed him to attain such success today.

Arman Khan had new dreams every day, not unlike other children of his age. On one day he would dream of becoming a farmer while on another he wanted to be an actor. Arman Khan also learnt about career paths that are less discussed in Indian society such as being a casting call director or VFX editor as these are not traditional forms of occupation. However, this did not stop Arman Khan’s parents from supporting their son and a large part of the person he is today can be linked back to the effort and willingness Arman Khan’s parents showed at every step of the way.

As Arman Khan grew older, he took his dreams a bit more seriously and began pursuing them in a manner that could turn his passion into his profession. In other words, he began looking for opportunities where he could keep doing the work he enjoyed while also being able to sustain himself and his family. Unlike others who think that they must limit themselves to only one option to excel in it, Arman Khan knew that could do much more than most others and that he would be able to excel in whatever field he pursued as long as he gave enough time and effort into it. So, Arman Khan went on to become an expert in 3 categories namely cinematography, entrepreneurship and education. Arman Khan has worked on several films such as Azhar, Rustom, LoveShudda, Welcome 2 Karachi, etc, which have helped him become recognised as an established cinematographer and VFX expert. Moreover, for many of these movies as well as others Arman Khan has provided funding through his agency Picturental. In his jurisdiction as a teacher Arman Khan has sought to explain VFX editing in great detail to all those who are interested. 

Arman Khan is truly beyond compare, standing as an inspiration to not one section of the youth but three. His hard work and strong will which has taken him so far up the ladder is now also pushing others to realise their dreams and turn them into reality. Youngsters need to have a role model in their lives and Arman Khan definitely acts like one.

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