A young talented Author, Rajlakshmi Patil is winning hearts of Indians with her kind gesture toward society

18 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

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If we talk about the environment, then climate change and environmental conservation have been a global topic of discussion worldwide. But the need of the hour is to rise up and take action on clim...

Today, the world is facing an unprecedented set of circumstances: the global climate crisis, as well as the coronavirus pandemic. This has shaken our economy and overall health. But rather than fearing the uncertainty and the challenges that lie ahead, we come across an impressive young Indian girl leading the fight for a better world. Meet 18-year-old Rajlakshmi V Patil – a Student, an Author, an Environmentalist, an Activist, and more. She has published a book on her poems ‘Mystic’ which has gained a lot of popularity with readers.

During their adolescent years, most of the teens are busy with studies or other activities and hardly are concerned about our environment or contributing to society. However, in our country, there are many bright minds who think ahead of their time and achieve remarkable accomplishments. One such young achiever is Mumbai-based Rajlakshmi Patil. Her focus has always been on creating a better world. And she is duly supported and motivated by her parents Dr. Vijay D Patil and Shivani Vijay Patil to make a real difference in the community.

If we talk about the environment, then climate change and environmental conservation have been a global topic of discussion worldwide. But the need of the hour is to rise up and take action on climate change rather than just mere talks. Rajlakshmi, with a passion for protecting the environment, is doing the best she can and confidently making her voice heard for a better future for the coming generations. Here are some of her notable achievements:

She spearheaded the ‘Beat Air Pollution’ Campaign – June 2019 in collaboration with the United Nations Environment. She participated in various environmental campaigns with the School’s Green Council and the D Y Patil Faculty from September 2019 to – Present. Rajlakshmi raised awareness about the role of trees in reducing air pollution. For this, she even participated with 90 students in an event to encourage tree plantations in the area. And there’s more.

She recently graduated from her international boarding school – Aiglon College in Switzerland with the environmental prize. This environmental prize is awarded to the student who has shown in their actions that they understand the tenet that to deal with a global environment issue one must first deal with the issue at a local level. At a young age, Rajlakshmi has been a part of several campaigns and cleanliness drives and strongly advocates for a clean and green environment. She feels that ‘Mother Earth does not need a change. In fact, human being’s attitude and behaviour towards the environment must change in order to conserve nature. We need to start improving our habits of living and automatically the environment will become better.’

Recently corona pandemic has taken the entire world by storm, so the young Rajlakshmi with her friend had organized a fund-raising campaign to help the people in need. She had managed to raise more than 1lakh rupees. They utilized this money collected from funds to aid the frontline workers and others who are working to help those affected by the coronavirus. They used the funds to buy essentials such as groceries, masks, sanitary products, and other items for workers who are dedicatedly and tirelessly working for saving lives in our country.

Apart from being a champion for environment conservation, and a social activist, Rajlakshmi is also a noted Author. She has been writing some heart-touching poems since the age of 13 and has continued doing so till the present. Her collection of poems has been published as a book named ‘Mystic’ which is an anthology of the poems she has written and expresses her thoughts and aspirations. She fondly remembers her grandfather, DR D Y Patil, who has been an inspiration in her life.  Her poems have been inspired by different circumstances in her life – during her stay at the boarding school in the beautiful Alps and in Mumbai, the city of dreams and other phases of her life. She beautifully pens down her emotions and feelings into words which soothes one’s mind.

With the motto in life, ‘Service before self,’ Rajlakshmi is marching ahead with a humble attitude to bring about a positive change in society and selflessly serve the people of her nation.