Wednesday, November 29, 2023

AAP is like a new Volvo AC bus which is free of cost: Arvind Kejriwal

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Today in the National Capital, India News Manch united India’s most politically active leaders and voices together on one stage, with the who’s who of Indian politics decorating the stage. For an exclusive interview, Aam Admi Party leader and Delhi Cheif minister Arvind Kejriwal joined us as a part of the conclave.

Speaking about his recent Punjab visit, the Delhi CM said, “ Since Punjab has been formed, Congress ruled the state for 25 years, the state was then ruled by the Badal family for 19 years. Right now the condition of Punjab is bad. We are putting it across people that the party that couldn’t do anything in 25 years won’t be any better in the next 5 years. Similar is the case with the party which ruled for 19 long years. So, this time I have asked the people of Punjab to give the AAP a chance.”

“In Delhi people pay minimal to no electricity bills and there is 24*7 supply of electricity there. If we win the elections in Punjab, we will do the same there as well. Captain Amrinder Singh had made various promises to the people of Punjab and fulfilled none.”

“The Congress is like an old knocked down bus whereas AAP is like a new Volvo AC bus which is free of cost. Now it is upon the people of Punjab to decide which bus they want to hop on.”

Talking about the secularity in the Punjab state, Kejriwal said, “Punjab is a very secular place. Caste, creed, religion don’t hold any meaning there. It is the land of Gurus. And the Gurus have taught the lesson of humanity to those people. Whoever is the face of next Punjab CM will strive to work for the betterment of the people by rising above caste and creed. He will be honest, hardworking and sensitive towards the people of Punjab.”

He further talked about the infrastructural developments of the schools in Punjab. “The people of Punjab want their schools to be fixed. I know how to fix them. Neither the BJP nor the Congress is capable of that. I can mend the hospitals and roads in Punjab, they can’t. We will refer to the Delhi model of working and form a new Punjab model. Punjab has its own sets of problems which are different from Delhi. We can surely learn a lot from Punjab and implement those ideas in the state of Punjab”

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