Delhi Assembly Elections 2020: AAP set to return with massive majority, says India News-Neta App poll

6 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

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The ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would retain the power with a massive majority in Delhi Assembly Elections 2020, predicted India News-Neta App opinion poll. The survey covered a sample size of 3.4...

As per the India News-Neta App Poll, AAP is expected to come back with a massive majority in the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections. The poll indicates that AAP will bag around 52-57 seats out of 70. The BJP and the Congress are expected to do better than the last elections but not enough to make a big difference. The BJP is expected to win between 11-18 seats and the Congress, 0-2 seats. The results are based on inputs from 3.45 lakh people across 70 constituencies in Delhi.

Seat Projections for Delhi as per India News-Neta App Opinion Poll


Party India News – Neta App Opinion Poll (2020) 2015 Results
AAP 52-57 67
BJP 11-18 3
Congress 0-2 0


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