Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Aashifa Saleem – Inspiring Journey Of A Girl Boss From An Usher To A Passionpreneur

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Entertainment industry runs on opulent events. The one where waiters hurry in chambray shirts ferrying carafes of wine under palatial chandeliers and the who’s who of the arena sets the scene up with profound and intellectual discourse.

The insightful (and often glammed up) event thrives in the presence of inspiring personalities. It is not an easy task to get the attention of a beautiful crowd which is also brimming with their own ideas and is eager to share them. It takes the presence of a very impactful person who can lead the audience with their domineering wit and charisma.

Aashifa Saleem is one such person. We met her at one of the most talked about after parties of Indian Film Industry, and couldn’t help but be in awe of her vivacious presence as an event host and was improvising impromptu when the situation called for it. Now, Aashifa is an absolute stunner and she is definitely a head turner but that was not her only USP. She wasn’t your regular chirpy and upbeat textbook event host. But rather, she caught our attention because she was acknowledging the sentiment of the entire room by picking the cues from the body language of the audience and steering the flow of even in the desired direction in the most effortless way possible. We crossed paths once again after years, where she told me about her thoughtful initiative of a new launch of a community in Dubai.

Aashifa Saleem is from Bangalore and now lives in Dubai, UAE. She has been in the event business for about 15 years.

Her journey in the events business started during her college days in the year 2006, where she worked as an usher for extra pocket money. In due course, she engaged in multiple roles – an event host, artist coordinator, sponsorship sales that made her a pro at event management.

All this exposure eventually prepared her for directing intellectual property events for different entities. Being a fantastic communicator helped her to tap into opportunities as an oratrix and a fashion model.

Her personality oozes confidence and she amiably shares,”The events I handled were not just in showbiz but also conferences, exhibitions, knowledge and networking events for almost every industry” She smiles and continues, “15 years of such profound experience in multifaceted fields have built my business acumen”.

And every word of Aashifa carries robust weight as she is a successful showrunner, tactful; commercialist and an enthusiastic events director. She has recently launched a community by the name of PassionPreneurs Hub which is an initiative to help small home grown businesses in the registration process. This community will also help small businesses in developing resourceful promotional strategies and upscale their profit. Aashifa Saleem is truly a #GirlBoss and we wish this wholesome person success in all her future endeavours.

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