Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Adani Agri Logistics secures LoA from FCI

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In accordance with the Government of India’s goal to modernise India’s storage infrastructure, AALL would build and run cutting-edge silo complexes in four locations, including Kanpur, Gonda, Sandila, and Katihar in Bihar, based on the LoA, with a total silo storage capacity of 3.5 lakh MT.

To handle, store, and preserve food grains, silo complexes—mechanized, automated facilities with temperature and humidity controls—are constructed. Bulk handling is accommodated by containerized mobility, from purchase through transportation.

Apart from helping ordinary consumers and PDS (Public Distribution System) users, the initiative of AALL would aid farmers throughout the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Farmers now have to endure a two- to three-day wait while their agricultural products pass through the conventional farm-to-mandi procurement chain. The processing time will only take one to two hours once this project is put into action. This will greatly increase the effectiveness of procurement.

Along with resulting in significant labour, gunny bag, and transportation cost reductions, this initiative will also help general consumers and PDS (Public Distribution System) recipients.

The project will consist of Hub Silo Complexes, which are silo complexes with container depots, and Spoke Silo Complexes, which are silo complexes without container depots, and will be carried out under the Design, Build, Finance, Operate, and Transfer (DBFOT) approach.

AALL will now have a total of 15.25 lakh MT of silo storage capacity spread across 24 sites in India after the installation of 3.50 lakh MT of storage capacity.

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